Friday, May 23, 2008

It's like the Sims

It’s no secret I’ve roundly ignored my blog of late. Here’s a quick recap of why:

Wedding preparation – weeks of too many things to do
Wedding – culmination of a lot of hard work pays off BIG!!!!
Trip to the ER – Guess who is too young for diabetes? Apparently not me.
American Idol – Office pool wins me $255 if David Cook wins, making me into first-time-ever Idol watcher. If Syesha wins I get $33.50.
WIN!!!!!! - $255 come to mama
Oh, yeah…..thank you cards.
Britt moves home – It’s been fun, but big adjustments. She’s a great kid. Adult.
Bike rides – part of the new “treatment”
Bedtime is 9 – hey, a girl needs her beauty sleep
Quality time with Chris – it’s a short evening after I get home from work and make dinner. Chris and I usually try to do something together after dinner rather than him watching sports and me putting my nose in a book or typing on my blog.

So, no wedding pictures yet, as you can see. Bad Laura! Even still, I wonder what place in my life this blog has with so much else to occupy my time. I know I need to put energy back into my hobbies now that life has slowed down somewhat, but with all the things out there to do that are fun, is blogging really what I want to do? I can say this….the urge to write still hits, but it is not like it used to be where my mind would fill up with words forcing their way out.

It’s like the Sims game. For any of you out there who have never played the Sims, you won’t get this. But for those of you that have….as your Sim’s life ramps up with work and friends and trying to get promoted at work, they come home more and more tired. A lot of red where green should be. One of the biggest areas to suffer is the “fun” meter. Ok, so what do you do for your Sim? You buy the item that has the highest fun rating. If your Sim is tired and bored, you buy a high-fun rating computer and a high-comfort rating chair to sit in while your Sim plays games on the computer. It’s kinda like that. I need high-fun rated activities that don’t involve the amount of time it takes to write. See? I’m not saying I’m done blogging, I’m just saying….this is the priority right now. High-fun.