Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'ma FB dum-dum

So, I've been on FB for a number of years. I started with this blog in, what was it, 2005? Then in probably 2008 I started on FB. I thought FB was like my blog, and I could put whatever I was thinking on it. While that may have been true at the time, I think the role FB has in society has changed. It is no longer a personal communication tool, it is largely a "public persona" gadget. You put in the image you want the world to have of you and presto! Magico! You are magically the public persona you have projected. And what is better yet, YOU get to choose the people that you get to project that image to! Brilliant!

Problem is, I didn't realize that until today. It's like my human being interelations mechanism is finally kicking into "sophisticated" thought patterns! Wow, like, I could pretend to be the person I've always wanted to be!? I don't have to be Laura "mentally negligible" Baldus anymore, I could be Laura "ultra-sophisticated, attractive and loads-of-fun" Baldus??? Dang! Why didn't someone tell me this ages ago! I've been blundering along being real and sharing these real thoughts and real emotions and degrading-frigging realities in my life when I could have been making it up, putting things that make me sound intelligent, thought-provoking, personally evolved and ultra-chic???? Damn, damn, damn...I'm going to have to start changing my tune on FB! I could be so much more than what I have been! Why, don't you realize, if I don't do it then I' a truth on FB when I could be living a much better lie!

Glory be! I gots me a tool now!

Oh, and ironically, what is on FB is SO MUCH MORE SEEN when it is really a PRIVATE forum, whereas my blog is COMPLETELY PUBLIC, any person on earth who has internet access could see this thing and....if I want to share my REAL thoughts, the REAL person I am - it has to be here. Cuz that way, no one will see it!

Hahahahahahahahh! (evil laughing abounds)