Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beyond dreams

What amazed me most about my wedding is that even though I wrote the order of service so I knew exactly what was going to happen, nothing could have prepared me for the absolute peace, joy and love I felt from beginning to end. Oh, and what fun we had!!! But I'll talk about that later.

I don't know about you, but I have not lived a fairy tale life. Living the way I have, I never expected life to be blessed, full of good experiences or even happy. That was the stuff of movies and Fannie Flagg books. Yet when I look at my life, the only words that could describe it is blessed, full of people that love me and yes, happy. And I owe every bit of that to my husband, Chris Baldus.

My life has completely changed. The lives of my children have completely changed. And it is all because of this one man. He came home just now and was telling me about what happened when he got called back to work tonight. As I was listening to him talk about it, such a sense of pride and love welled up in my heart and overwhelmed me. Words are so inadequate to explain how incredible it is to be loved by a man like that. He's exactly what a man, a father and a husband should be. With everything I have in me, I love him and am completely devoted to our life together. I will write more about our wedding, but right now I am going to warm up his dinner while he takes a shower. Just a good, normal life. What a gift.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WHY??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?! in potty mouth land

I swear to God, I am losing my effing mind. Ok, I'm a pretty tech-savvy individual. I know my way pretty well around a computer. There isn't a piece of software I can't run from moment 1. It's just intuitive to me. BUT APPARENTLY NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I wanted to save money on the wedding. Why spend hundreds of dollars on invitations, I said to myself. I'll just go down to where-the-hell-ever and get some make-it-at-home on the old computer type invitations. You wanna know why it's worth hundreds of dollars to have them professionally printed? Because if you don't, you'll spend hours trying to fix the glitchy wizards or Word templates that came with your damn invitations. And once you have them all jack-ass printed, then you can spend another couple hours putting them together with miniscule squares of ultra-sticky stuff, tying ribbons and trying to attach stupid monograms with a tub chain. You know, the silver little balls connected with the thin wire that you shove through that oval thing? Think old-style tub stopper that was attached to a little ring...oh, forget it.
So that is not the worst of it. How about this? We buy an external burner for our laptop. We buy 20 effing CDs of the correct type. I buy over 100 songs on i-tunes because supposedly you can burn CDs right from i-tunes that will play in any CD player. WRONG!!!!!! It didn't play even on my computer!!! So, I read the manual that came with the burner and I sift through the shit-for-brains i-tunes knowledge center to no avail. What happened, you dare say? Every BRAND NEW CD I put in the burner popped back out with a message: Insert blank CD. KILL!!!!!!!!!! Not to be discouraged (HA!!~~ I NEARLY LOST MY MIND THEN!!) I get an m4p to mp3 converter to convert all those GD i-tunes songs. Done. It only took an hour and a half for 22 songs. Then, I open Windows Media Player and try to burn the kick-in-the-pants CD. What happens?
I am never saving money again.