Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Big Step for Posterity

UPDATED: Well, I deleted the FaceBook icon from my iPhone. Why, you ask? Because unless I get my Diabetes under control, I will die early. Like maybe within a decade. But how does that relate to FB? Mmmmm, it doesn't really.

But what it does relate to is the amount of time I spend dinking around on it instead of exercising or writing on my blog or cooking healthy food instead of eating another Toaster Strudel (ooooh, the strawberry cream cheese.....mmmmmmm). Ok, you get the idea. This obviously not going to be easy. But I do hope for better days.

UPDATE: I've spent the evening working quite extensively on a food plan and found the *best* iPhone app for Diabetes control; it's called Diabetes Buddy which is a rather unfortunate name. However, it kicks the effeminate ass out of the other apps I've tried over the past couple years. The only thing this app does not do is tell me how many calories I've burned on my workout. Other than that, it tracks EVERYTHING- even how much water I drank today! And it has the best food database I've seen so far - and I'm talking I've had probably about 6 or 7 various programs with food databases! I am thrilled to the max. Now all I have to do is exercise and eat right tomorrow. And take my medicine. And be good. Whew, it'll be a chore with or without my new app! ;)

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