Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Eggs Have It

I went to church today and for some reason, pastors find it necessary to pontificate extensively on Easter Sunday. Part of it is that they always have their largest audience on Easter, so no doubt they want to impress. You know what would really impress me on Easter? A 15 minute sermon.

So, I decided that some day, if I become a pastor, I will make sure that my sermons are never longer than 15 minutes. Because, you know what? One thing I know about Christianity and this is it: everything you need to know about God you learned in Sunday school the first day. Christianity is simple. It's being good that gets tricky.

And I must face the bold fact: I am a good girl with compulsively naughty tendencies. Give me a rule and I'll surreptitiously break it. Give me a guideline and I'll try to find scenarios it doesn't fit. Give me a commandment, and I'll pretend you are the Team Leader and I'm the Senior Sales Rep. Senior Sales Rep beats Team Leader every time. So there.

No, I'm certainly too naughty to be a pastor. But it'd be interesting if I were, wouldn't it?


BLUE said...

Yeah, just what this world needs is a naughty pastor. Like, thanks for the the messiah and all that, but I'll take the Jack any day. Got the day old blue-ooooz.

Marcheline said...

Thank you for being real. And more than a little bit like me.

How cool is THAT?

- Marcheline