Sunday, September 04, 2005

Blogging for the ADD Generation

Well! I was mightily offended by The One and Only Bunnyjo Fan's most recent post...until I started thinking about it (see comments on "Can I just say?" below). Then I realized that since most of the world is at least partly ADD thanks to the programming we all received as children mindlessly absorbing Roadrunner cartoons and "cuckoo for Co-co Puffs" type cartoons, I really must begin to blog NOT FOR CONTENT but for LENGTH OF ATTENTION SPAN, thus reducing my nuggets of wisdom to mere grains. However, judging from the quality of lives my dear readers are living, mere grains are enough to spark general improvement.

C'est moi, Bunnyjo!!!


DCveR said...

Regarding your comic books remark, not all comics are suitable for the ADD generation. Come to think of it even some single drawing cartoons are beyond their grasp. Thus I would suggest you keep your normal posts for those who can actually read more than three sentences without forgetting the first one AND start a new blog with one sentence posts and very simple drawings (matchstick dolls will do).

Sarah Eliza said...

Here's my theory. You can do a "long" blog entry as long as your nuggets of wisdom are in an entertaining package that screams for people's attention at a constant rate. You know how sitcoms are supposed to have a joke at least every this many seconds? try that enough and you get someone's attention for half an hour. Can you imagine someone hanging around your site for half an hour? I can't.

bunnyjo georg said...

Sarah: Loved your post! It is good for you to question my superiority. One cannot embrace faith without first testing the mettle therein. BTW, "For future reference, insults of your spawn are most likely insults of yourself if you should happen to look hard enough." In this case, the spawn being the malarkey you pretentiously post on your blog. Hugs!

DCvR: Your fresh breath of wit is much appreciated! But...I'm afraid I must take umbrage at your "matchstick drawing" comment...have you been peaking at my sketchbook? :)

DCveR said...

Brave you are. Using words such as 'umbrage' not for all it is.
Achh. Enough of this Yoda yada yada.
Why the heck should you resent the matchstick drawings comment? It's not like I've said you can't draw any better, it's just that they won't understand any better, in a pearls before swines sense.
Of course by now everybody knows you really draw matchstick dolls in your sketchbook...YOU gave that away.

bunnyjo georg said...

Correct YOU are - doth I hear a tsk tsk tsk? Umbrage IS rather strong. Perhaps piqued (connoting wounded pride) would be a better term for it, my drawing skills being what they are. But you make a very persuasive point not only about comic books, but about my blog, as well: most people go for the instant gratification of simple drawings, simple thoughts. We cater to neither of those, you and I. That's what makes us interesting. And worth reading.

Bunny Jo Fan said...

Bunny, don't take it as an insult for merely I was making a joke about my own problems.

How many ADD kids does it take to change the lightbulb? 1 to hold the latter......Wanna go ride bikes now?

Your blog is fine, and I enjoy it... I just have to deal with my own limitations sometimes and it is not fun. I wanna play like the other kids do, I just can't :-(

I think stick figure drawings would be a great addition to your site, but don't yell at me cause I said so :-P

I included one of my favorite stick drawings, but now dont get offended please, its just me and the way *I* behave....

The one and only,
Bunny Jo Fan