Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's Happenin, my peeps?

Life being what it is, I find myself typing my first post in almost a year. Without the outlet of this blog, I've had to regale Chris repeatedly with my sundry rantings on the current state of affairs.

For instance, I recently heard the following sound bytes on Headline News:

Dems are tickled pink because Ol' Dubya finally agreed to sign a bill requiring automotive manufacturers to comply with a new 35 mpg requirement on all vehicles, with a gradual implementation over the next however many years. Yes, W finally agreed to sign the bill after Dems agreed to put in a new tax break for those poor, poor oil companies (who continue to post record profits in the BILLIONS each quarter, because if anyone needs a tax break, it's those hardworking Oil execs). Meanwhile, in other news, Congress suddenly realized that they made a mistake about five years ago and forgot to put a new tax law into the tax code which would have raised taxes for the average middle income family about $2500 a year. Oh, no! Well, they've decided to be nice about it and give us this year to adjust our withholdings to make sure they get that money next year. The dears! How thoughtful of them to give their oil buddies a tax break while increasing the tax burden for us middle income folks. After all, we shoulder the majority of the tax burden anyway! 'Nuff said, I do believe, on that account.

Ok, onto other news.

I'm dying to know what is happening with Scott Peterson! If anyone out there can stomach Nancy Grace, give me the recent dish! I haven't heard a thing since the pesky old mall shootings out West wiped his beguiling face off the tube.

And what about that Britney? Loved the wacky pics in the back of the ambulance. It was like stills from a soap opera audition.
And speaking of Spears....who out there agrees with me that if Jamie Lynn Spears really wanted to set a good example for young girls out there, she'd give her kid up?! All three girls here watch Zoey 101 religiously, and I'm not too pleased with her new slut stunt and the fact they happened to be in the room when some newswoman was loudly proclaiming the *shock*of her teenage pregnancy! We never even had a chance to keep it a secret or come up with a good explanation. And that's another thing, thanks for making us have to explain it! "Well, girls, no she is not married. Yes, I know we said that only married people have babies, but we lied hoping it would keep you from having premarital sex." Makes you pine for that fly-on-the-wall experience, n'est ce pas?

Alright, folks,I've given you a few of my latest rants. Now it's your turn!

Comments, please.


Jamie said...

Welcome back Bunny..we sure have missed you!
There are only a few things I want to comment on -
Jamie Lynn Spears makes me sick. I know that being in hollywood makes it so your life can't be secret, but she is a role model to the tweenage girls of America. Hey, have sex with your bf, get knocked up and be happy about it. Add that to her models, like her sister and her Mom.
What about the girl from HS Musical with the nudie pics. First off, why in the hell would she give a bf at such a young age nudes of herself? Secondly, why is everyone thinking it's ok. I guess Raven Samone will have a porn out next month.
Now, Brittney. I gotta tell ya, I know she's a mess right now, and she prob. has a drug problem. However, I can only imagine the pain she must be feeling losing first, her husband, then her children. Then having every move watched by the media and the rest of the world to be judged. I honestly feel for her. Her whole life is gone, her fame, fortune, talent, reputation, and most of all..the things she held closest to her.
Well, that's my peice..I'm done.
Again, welcome back Bunny Jo!
P.S. I got the dress for the wedding, it's more navy blue than teal, and is longer than I thought its more weddingly then hootchie like I wanted :(

bunnyjo georg said...

I was leaving you a comment much earlier today when our house lost power. Our entire neighborhood blinked on and off a few times and then went dark. Strange! But the power is back on now, so great!

I can't wait to see the dress on you. The color looked pretty dark blue to me, didn't know you were expecting a teal color. Bummer, huh? Ordering online and home shopping can be like that.

As for the Spears girls, I can't agree with you more. As they say, the apple dunt fall far from the tree.

Yoob said...

Welcome back, I have to disagree with Jamie on one point and that is Brittney didn't have talent to lose, as for her little sister getting knocked up, the timing couldn't be worse with the movie Juno coming out where the parents make jokes about their knocked up daughter, the whole thing makes me sick. As for politics I am one of those "none of the above" people so long as the song remains the same. Politicians from both parties are in bed with big oil or big bussiness one way or the other, America wants someone who is an American first who will govern as though his family were the only ones affected by the policies of the government. Candidates who have spent years calling for an end to corporate welfare and no more welfare recipients hidden amongst the retired or genuinely handycapped under the guise of social security needy. if you are able to party, screw, drive, shop, eat and do those things us idiots that get out of bed and work every day for then you can to. the able bodied and not legally here ilk need to put food in their own mouths for a change.
For too long our families have shouldered the load of the mistakes by legislators, the lazy and/or the criminaly present and finally...I am sick of the polished and prepped Romnies and Hillary types in washington, time for a change

bunnyjo georg said...

Yes, Yoob! Rant on! That is exactly the point: politics is a rich man's game played to the benefit of the rich. They throw just enough fodder to the worker ants like us to keep us mollified with our worker bee lives while they lavish tax breaks and entitlement programs on themselves. But God help the honest person looking for a hand up - it's everyman for himself in a Republican world.

Anonymous said...

Tupelo Honey?

I like Britney's singing and most of her songs. As for her bad behavior, after being a pop princess, she took a very bad fall from which she obviously hasn't recovered. But I'll listen to her songs anyday. Whaddya know, she is human like us.

Jamie and Britney were both pimped out for money and glory by a showbiz family, thus bringing down embarassment and humiliation on all when the sh-- hit the fan.

As for politics, I have long believed that highly placed people control the drug and oil trade for personal power and the proletariat need to be mollified. Does that bother me? Yeah...but I am mollified, too. - Vee -