Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rambling Ranting Raves

Thank you, dear readers, for your patience with my excessively long posts as of late. As I'm sure you could tell, there was (is) a lot on my mind.

The good news is that Obama did stand up like a man and say (to some extent) that cutting expenditures will be a top priority in his administration, and he also intimated that Americans also need to be fiscally responsible. That is the closest I've heard so far to no-nonsense, common sense, responsible economics from the candidates.

However, I am concerned about all the entitlements that Barack is proposing; he makes a good point about cutting the fat to beef up the underfunded-but-essential-and-effective projects. My overriding concern, though, is that he will slow down the economy even more with his tax increases. On the other hand, I like what he says about tax breaks for small companies that create jobs here in the US. That's good. I don't know, all in all it is really tough for someone like myself to extrapolate from all the various talk and proposals what has a chance of making it to actual policy and actually work for the country.

One thing is for sure, McCain's health plan would be a disaster. Taxing health benefits!?@? I would see my "taxable income" increase by $12-15,000 a year without having a dime more income - oh, wait. I'd have less because of being taxed. Duh! There are other troubling aspects to his health plan, but that's the worst aspect by far.

As I said in my earlier post, the bottom line for all us regular folks is figuring out a way to keep our heads above water for the next couple years while all of this stuff plays out. As for me and my family (and I'm talking extended family here, too), we should talk amongst ourselves about what we may be facing and how we can help each other. Don't you agree?

I love you, my readers (fans). You are more patient than I deserve.


shortensweet said...

I worry big time about our family. For the most part, the kids (us) are doing ok, but Mom and Fritz and Aunt Val are in dire strights.

Moms van is dead - and no money to replace it, she also needs a heart surgery, Fritz many have found a job doing customer service at home, but it probably doesn't include bennies which they desperatly need.
meanwhile, aunt val, has no insurance and also needs oral surgury and her water pump just went out.

I'm glad I have faith :)

bunnyjo georg said...

Well, we probably need to talk about these things and not push them under the rug. We may not be able to provide health care, but we can help in other ways. Let's talk about it for sure.

VeeFlower said...

Whoa dear family...while the news isn't all that great, these scenarios haven't all played out yet. For instance, my battery will be replaced this weekend. I have driven beaters before and can keep this baby going gently for a while. Your aunt did get help from her brother...I haven't heard the update yet, but he was going to fix her garage door and pump. As for her surgery, when she needed dental work many years ago at the Jesus Inn, a man walked in the door and handed the elders a big check because the Lord had laid it on his heart that someone there needed it. It was the exact dollar amount the dentist told Val she needed, and thanks to that donor she got the work done. I don't have to tell you that all the money and resources belong to God. Pray for us...and continue to do what you have been doing, and that is to do what God puts in your heart. And try not to worry. America's future depends on work, compassion, prayer, and responsibility, and we are all doing our share as best we can. Meanwhile, thank you for your love and concern.

Anonymous said...

I worry too when Barack says "spread the wealth" and like Laura how can he pay for all those entitlements when the country is broke?

A. Val's water is back on, she called and said it needed priming so we went out there with a minimum of tools only to find the pump hums and smells like burnt wire.
We came the next evening with tools and changed out the pump and motor which started up and ran good however a tell tale hiss could be heard. The old pressure tank under the floor is leaking and must be removed/bypassed however she can turn on the pump and use water as she wants but needs to turn the pump back off when she is finished. We will go back on Sunday to remedy the leaky pressure tank and attend to the garage door.

bunnyjo georg said...

Thanks, Yoob, it is good to have a man of talent(s) in the family. I worry so much about Aunt Val way up north in Montague away from all of us. I wish she were closer; it would make it a lot easier to help her when needed. Plus, we'd get to see her more!

Barack could possibly lose this election over the "wealth redistribution." Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I hope he addresses this situation quickly and strongly to allay the very valid fears he has engendered by this term! Plus....those tax hikes are looking rather troublesome with the current economic times. I'd feel very warm and cozy if he would say outright that he's scaling back his ideas about what he can do about all his new proposals until the economic situation is in hand.