Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ahhh, finally!!

For those of you vain enough (dare I say it?) to use the location finder in BlogPress blogging app on the iPhone, please note: it doesn't freaking work! After weeks (or days....) of trying to get it OFF the blog I innocently tried to write a few weeks (or days...) ago, I finally had to just delete BlogPress off my phone and reload it, CAREFUL to make sure I TURNED OFF that option for my blog posts! You may note that I have used this feature in the past successfully. Alas, it was not to happen again and resulted in many unfulfilling moments in which I could have been blogging but instead spent 5 minutes saying "OK" to the continually repeating message that it couldn't find my location. Humbug!

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Anonymous said...

And now the mystery is solved...BlogPress is an app! Also the location finder! That is why I don't have it, LOL! I am so techno-challenged that I have to post under Anonymous because I can't remember my sign-ins...Love, Mom

bunnyjo georg said...

LOL - I understand! I'm the one who locked my own self out of my blog and then *miraculously* remembered it....somehow. ;)