Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Big Step for Posterity

UPDATED: Well, I deleted the FaceBook icon from my iPhone. Why, you ask? Because unless I get my Diabetes under control, I will die early. Like maybe within a decade. But how does that relate to FB? Mmmmm, it doesn't really.

But what it does relate to is the amount of time I spend dinking around on it instead of exercising or writing on my blog or cooking healthy food instead of eating another Toaster Strudel (ooooh, the strawberry cream cheese.....mmmmmmm). Ok, you get the idea. This obviously not going to be easy. But I do hope for better days.

UPDATE: I've spent the evening working quite extensively on a food plan and found the *best* iPhone app for Diabetes control; it's called Diabetes Buddy which is a rather unfortunate name. However, it kicks the effeminate ass out of the other apps I've tried over the past couple years. The only thing this app does not do is tell me how many calories I've burned on my workout. Other than that, it tracks EVERYTHING- even how much water I drank today! And it has the best food database I've seen so far - and I'm talking I've had probably about 6 or 7 various programs with food databases! I am thrilled to the max. Now all I have to do is exercise and eat right tomorrow. And take my medicine. And be good. Whew, it'll be a chore with or without my new app! ;)

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Ray Veen said...

Just wondering. Other than the fact that your posts have more permanance, what makes blogging superior to Facebook? I've grown to love the ability to skim peoples updates and statuses unencumbered by all the clicking and page-loading that it takes to stay current with your friends on Blogger. And then some people write such long, boring posts, and you're obligated to read them and leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you are going to attack your health problems with intelligence and I hope diligence! But I will be sorry not to see you on FB. Even if you don't want to post things, you can still comment and post pictures. This is Mom, I sign in as Anon. because I don't like jumping through the Google i.d. hoops.

HUBBYMAN said...

I'm glad SOMEONE is blogging again. I'm not on FB & not sure I want to be. The blogs are great and the posts are able to host more info, pics, & you can go back over old posts & comments time and again. I've heard that FB only has short little comments and if yoiu don't keep up several times daily - you'll miss out on eveything!! And Twitter is even worse. I hate to sound old (or old age) , but the slower, more thought-out pace of Blogs better appeals to me.
I'm a Grandpa.

bunnyjo georg said...

My purpose behind doing the blog doesn't really have anything to do with wanting people to read what I write (although it is very gratifying). It has a lot more to do with the fact that writing is SO incredibly hard for me right now. I know that if I don't force myself to work on it, I won't do it. Fb was something I would do with my free moments and my hope is that if fb is less accessible, I will choose to write. It's actually not quite going that way yet, but it might!

Ray Veen said...

That actually makes a lot of sense, Laura. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. Hell, maybe I'll write more on mine too.

bunnyjo georg said...

Oh, Anon, I so agree!