Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yeah, I had a stroke and can't remember what I was going to write.

I know you, my dearly faithful blog readers (who essentially don't exist), are deeply disappointed by the title of this blog. But, I felt I should share it as this is the one reason that you rarely see posts from me anymore. Here I am at work with a slight lull in my day and suddenly had a burst of inspiration for a new blog post. Excitedly, I logged in already beginning to compose my new literary piece in my head. But then - oh, distraction of distractions - I see my brother's post and begin reading his posts....about five minutes into it I think, oh, yeah, I was going to write a post! So I go to write it and - poof - it's gone. Empty. Blank. Not a primrose of a memory of what it was I thought would be so exciting to write.....and so you get another vacuous nothing of a post. Hmph!!!!!!!

Perhaps one day I will be able to retain my train of thought long enough to write extemporaneously....until then....harumphicolispism!!!!!!!! 

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