Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gimme Life part deux

To tell the truth, I've been down. Not writing on the blog has been part of that. Not being able to talk to my best friend is part of that. And with my grandmother dying last week, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I'm living.

Grandma loved it when I would post to my blog. Of course her favorite posts were the ones with pictures of the kids or cute stories highlighting what *unique* and *vibrant* children they are. But regardless of what I wrote, she was a fan and loved to post comments chiding me about my polarized world view. I loved that about her! But...life got busy, and our computer at home had a virus, so I just quit posting. And then Grandma died. I looked back at her last post to my blog: "Pleeeeeeease update!" Drawn and quartered in my soul, I was. Guilty. Bad. Neglectful. Dare I say selfish?

I don't want to lose another person in my life having to wonder if they knew how much they meant to me. I don't want to let go of things that bring meaning to my life just because I haven't gotten the upstairs bathroom cleaned and *should* get the work done before having fun.

Life is about LIVING. About experiencing life. I'm so caught up in whether or not I've sorted through every paper in each child's back-pack that I'm letting important things go in my life. Like relationships. Like my writing. And this blog is an important part of how I am developing my writer's voice. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is.....this blog is here to stay, bunnyjo fans! Now...if I can just get my pisse et vinaigre back.....


Chill Daddy said...

Cool. So watcha writing?

What ever happened to that story set in Vinita, Oklahoma?

Chill Daddy said...

Oh, and speaking of living, y'all commited to Rossi's on Friday.

V J.D. said...

What is Pisse vinaigre? Is it a really gross salad dressing? Is that was those creepy french people eat? A Vinegarette?

bunnyjo georg said...

Chill: Actually, the story in Venita is still in the works. I need to re-evaluate if it is worth finishing. It is just so hard to evaluate one's own writing. Is it good? Is it cheesy? I need another opinion...in case anyone was interested. As for Rossi's....we are actually double-booked. Us! But donchoo worry, we'll be there!

VJD: Oh, yeah, the French have made a fine art out of exuding pisse et vinaigre (piss and vinegar).

Ancient Clown said...

Hello my friend:

There are many lessons your grandmother left you with. The time is NOW is always a powerful lesson when viewed from later...Jesus said let the dead bury themselves because he knew better than we what awaits, and it is the living that need immediate attention.
I have missed your visits and comments, as I'm sure others have as well, and have some posts that might appeal to you at this time. There is one especially, thay looks at fears. One of the reasons for writer's block.
It was actually Anagramming my name that helped me out of those moments as there is nothing quite so inspiring as what you find within you.
Within your FULL name is an alphebet that is almost unique to you, and a story that is.
Happy exploring.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

DaveM said...

Pleased you're on the up. Lokk forward to the BJ of old.

Tell me, are the French hated by many Americans? Cheers.

VeeFlower said...

Thoughts: America is very much hated these days. And yet some of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet are American. We citizens vote someone into office, hoping they will make good intelligent informed decisions. When that doesn't happen we are all victims. I don't want to be hated or killed for what someone else decided. As for Americans hating French, I don't know, didn't they give us French fries and the Statue of Liberty?

DaveM said...

Nice comment Veeflower. Generalisations are a dangerous thing.

bunnyjo georg said...

Ancient: Good to see you again. Hope all is well with you. Thank you for your thoughts, as always.

DaveM: Hmmmm...well, a lot of Americans do not like the French, primarily because the French are so opposed to our quaint little war. Oh, yeah, and we view the French as Muslim-lovers/Jew-haters. The prior statement does not necessarily reflect the views of bunnyjo, however. :)

I personally love the French. They know how to live, how to enjoy life. Americans, for the most part, do not. Ok, speaking from personal experience, there. But anyone who has looked into it will discover that whereas Americans tend to orient their life around their work or school studies, Europeans for the most part orient their lives around what they love, whether it be a sport, a hobby or family and friends. A different perspective altogether....