Thursday, September 07, 2006

The rest of the story

Here's a quick update for all my *faithful* fans. The second interview went like a breeze, although I must say, I was asked some rather tough questions. But, as always, Miss Bunnyjo was quick on her feet and wowed the prospective employer. As such, she was invited back for a third round of interviews!

The bad news, however, is that my third interview was supposed to be on Wednesday morning. As I arrived in Holland, I discovered a voicemail on my phone saying that the woman I was scheduled to meet with that day had called in sick. My third interview was moved to next Wednesday morning. Ugh!

In other news, I was nearly fired last week over an incident that will forever remain in my mind as The Great Post-It Note Incident. I am now prohibited from ever using a post-it note. Ever. They were surreptitiously removed from my desk while I was at lunch and, just in case I wanted to replenish my stash, removed from the general office supply stock. I now have to tear off little strips of paper and paperclip them to pieces of paper when a post-it note would have brilliantly sufficed. I am reduced to strips of paper and paperclips while the rest of the office plants brightly-colored sticky notes like so many wild flowers sprouting up everywhere. And I have to like it.

Which only makes me more determined to get the radio job. Nothing like back-handed office politics to make a body wish for more pleasant surroundings, I'll tell ya.


VeeFlower said...

Well, we dangled the last few weeks, guess we can dangle a few days more! The most important thing is, the job is still available and you are still in the running!

V J.D. said...

You went all the way to Holland for an interview and then it was rescheduled? Damn. At least you had time to check out all the wooden shoes.

Chill Daddy said...

What kind of evil were you using post-it notes for?

Ransom notes? Bomb threats? Cartoons of your boss? We want the rest of the story Bunny-jo-goerg-newspaper-chick.

Bonnie Blithe said...

Post-It-Note incident???!!

Please enlighten us!!!

shortensweet said...

I think that is the most immature thing I've ever heard. How dumb.

I say, you wait until Devil's night, and post it note all over her car.

Hey, I'll even help.

bunnyjo georg said...

:) Oh, it is more ridiculous than you can believe. I had the audacity to put two sticky notes in front of her while she was on her cell phone. One sticky note contained info on a quote she needed to do. The other sticky note let her know she had a call on line one. Now, before walking away, I made eye contact to ensure that she saw she had a call holding and could take it. I even popped back on the line and told the gentleman that she was just wrapping something up and would be right with him. Well, she forgot to pick up her call and he hung up. Then, she covered the sticky note with the quote request with another piece of paper and didn't get it done. All of which, of course, was ALL MY FAULT.

VeeFlower said...

You left out the best part, where she took away all your sticky notes! And then pooped her diaper and spit up some sour milk.

Nitin R.K. said...

Wait, so how was it your fault again? A post-it conveyed the message to her, she chose to lose it in her pile of junk. Don't lose your sleep over it; sometimes, life just isn't fair.