Monday, January 15, 2007

Check Up

Just in case any of you are wondering how I am doing on my non-resolution resolutions to get organized at home and at work....well, there's been mixed results. I have yet to clean out the utility closet or the front coat closet, however I have put away the Christmas decorations. Except the wreath which is still perched prettily over the fireplace. Oh, and the candle my mom got me for my birthday nearly started the damn thing on fire, but that's another story.

Work is perhaps a bit better. I have remembered some days to put my mileage on my daily planner. I think I've done that twice. I have also been putting papers in files, but one result of that was I told my boss I never got the month-end report when in fact I had got it but filed it away. Out of sight, out of mind.

I did manage, however, to clean out and organize the junk drawer in the kitchen. You know this drawer; the one that ends up with all the junk mail, scissors, calculators, phone book, twist ties, pencil sharpener, toothpicks, birthday candles, tacks, tape etc. Yes, well....last night Chris had to dig through it looking for a ruler - which wasn't there.

Hm....I'm thinking that it takes more than just a one-time effort to get organized. It's that whole staying organized thing that really throws a wrench in!


Donkey said...

I hear you on the staying organized bunny. It would seem that no matter how hard I try something will get out of place. When I was living with my family that was when it is the worst. At least then I had someone to blame it on. Now that I am by myself I have to take the fall for everything. (sigh) Oh well such is life right?

VeeFlower said...

Um...I didn't get you a candle for your birthday. I got you candles for Christmas. Glad you didn't burn the wreath or the house. Quite frankly, my worst fear in giving candles is that MY candle will start a fire and I will live a life of guilt...please be careful bunny and the rest of you!

bunnyjo georg said...

Donkey: I live in a house full of people and might be tempted to blame it all on them...problem is, I'm a drawer-stuffer. It's my quick housecleaning fix. :)

Mom: That's right - it was Christmas. The funny thing is that when I started the fireplace that night, I accidentally cranked the gas up too high and lit the dang thing to a huge "whooooooosh!" and ball of flame. It was not a good night for me and fire to co-exist. The candle snafu occured when I slid the candles over from the corner of the mantle to underneath the wreath. Even a two-year old would have caught that one!

VeeFlower said...

Don't feel bad. We all make mistakes. I once put a shaker to my nose and took a deep
WHOOF to see if it was salt or pepper. (It was pepper.) I'll never do that again.

Donkey said...

Hey bunny love the revamp of your page! Very sheek look to it!

bunnyjo georg said...

Thanks, Donkey. I get the itch to change everything a couple times a year. All part of the charm that is bunnyjo! ;)

Marcheline said...

Bunners -

The key to remaining organized is to never let the small things go by. Getting everything organized once it's in disarray is a big job - but once you have it organized, keeping it that way is much easier, because it's just one little thing done right each day.

I have found that a combination of chaos and organization works best for me. I have an "inbox" on my desk at home. That's where I chuck all my important receipts, bills, and papers. It looks like a MESS. But about every 2 weeks or so, I sit down and separate and file that mess into the organized drawer/file cabinet where it belongs. Because all the important papers are thrown in the same inbox, it really only takes a few minutes to sort them when I get the chance to sit down.

So I use organized chaos to help me with my chaotic organization.