Friday, January 05, 2007

Further thoughts on Resolutions

I keep thinking about this topic....maybe because so much in my life could use the revolution of resolutions! But if you think about it, New Year's is the worst time to make a resolution. If you are like me, you stayed up too late and got up on New Year's Day feeling like a truck just used your ass end for a parking garage. Ok, maybe you didn't feel like that (because that's graphic and gross), but maybe you just feel like you got hit by a truck. Either way, you are not going to bounce out of bed and say to self, "Self, you know what I really feel like doing? Depriving myself of the crutches I've been using to make my normal days tolerable. No, today on this utterly draggy day I am going to forego my usual crutches and make everyone around me completely miserable!" Thanks, self.

Now let's be honest. We all got up on New Year's Day and stumbled out for our cigarette or coffee or glass of Pepsi or whatever our usual wake-up was and then we lounged in our pajamas complaining about not feeling like doing anything and it was probably nigh on three o'clock before we even remembered our New Year's Resolution. And far too late to count that day in. So we get up the next day with the best of intentions.....

Or maybe we made it. Maybe we did get up and make strides toward our New Year's Resolution. Line those people up and shoot them, please. They are messing up my whole blog post.

Ok, back to my original point. People suck at making January 1st the first day of a new era in their lives. Here's what I think is a far better approach: make any day a resolution day. You know what, if we wait until January 1st to start all the positive changes in our life, chances are Chris would still be wishin and hopin and prayin for a certain something - well, that's beside the point. The point is that so what if we've already given up on our New Year's Resolution (not that I am admitting anything here.) Make today your resoltion day! Start a new era today! Make today the first day of the rest of your life! Make something happen!

Or not. Myself...I'm just gonna sleep in tomorrow, get up and have a cup of coffee and yawn and stretch and stare into space. But hey, there's always the next day, right?


Donkey said...

I like your thinking Bunnyjo! I read an article about gym memberships that said if those that signed up in January are still there in April they concider it a mircle. So why do it then? Just cozy up on the sofa with a good movie/book/person!

DaveM said...

All the best diets start tomorrow.

DCveR said...

New Year resolutions always seemed something weird to me.
Most big resolutions I've done so far were done the moment I realized I really had to change something... and it never happened on a New Year.

bunnyjo georg said...

Donkey, I have and will continue to follow your advice! Cuddling up on the sofa or in a chair with my loved ones will always be one of my favorite things!

Ah, I see DCvR and I are on the same page! Who was it that said....I am trying to go from memory here..."Whatever you believe, do it. Action has power and magic in it." The moment to do something is the moment it occurs to you because that moment carries with it the power of belief in the action and the will to do it. Put it off, and it might not happen.

I do like Dave's thought....which probably explains why "tomorrow" also never comes! ;)