Friday, March 07, 2008

Rock My World

I know you've been wondering where I've been lately. Well, I started my new job in Holland ata place called Innovation Technologies something - ITC is what we usually call it. I absolutely love my job, my boss is awesome and everyday I make a contribution that makes me feel good. My title is Project/Data Coordinator and that basically means setting up processes and procedures to track production in China. It's very interesting and I enjoy it.

But that isn't nearly the best of it. I got my wedding dress and I feel absolutely gorgeous in it. I just got my hair done and Chris can't get over how "smoking hot" I look. Funny, I thought I was looking pudgy. But by far the absolute best thing that has happened to me is the Bridal Shower and Bride-n-Groom Party my sister threw for me last weekend. They were two separate events (she's so ambitious!). The theme of the shower was a tea party and the decorations were so beautiful and the cake was not only beautiful but delicious, too! And everyone brought me a favorite recipe plus the stuff to make it. I love the idea of cooking family favorites. You know, people used to pass recipes down through the generations. Well, people don't cook as much as they used to, plus they just don't pass recipes down much anymore. I'm really happy that we are changing that with my shower. I sent everyone my favorite recipe along with their thank-you card.

And oh, the Bride-n-Groom party! It was soooo much fun and it was so cool to see my family having so much fun. It made everyone really excited about the reception. We had so much fun. You should have seen Ray and Cindy. They were dancing really funny and having an absolute blast. It is so cool, too, that Chris is a great dancer. We have a lot of fun on the dance floor. I wish I could share some pics because they would have been totally awesome, but I haven't seen any yet. I know Uncle Yoobee got a lot of great shots. You'd think he'd share, but nooooooooo! (hint hint!!)

Well, I have to run because there is more to be done for the wedding. Off I go!



VeeFlower said...

Yes, the parties were awesome. And the pictures do show it! I have been working on the editing, now all I have to do is upload them to my blog. So stand by to be blown away by some of the great shots! I would like to see Mike's too!

shortensweet said...

it was a good time and a great reason to party. I'm glad you enjoyed them so much. It's my greatest pleasure to make this time special for you both and as help keep your stress level down :) well, I can try can't I?

shortensweet said...

what did you think of the dress?

bunnyjo georg said...

I love the dress. It looks really figure flattering on me. It does need to be altered a little, but I think it is going to be just perfect. By the way, was I supposed to call you back? Emily couldn't remember. That dang kid!