Thursday, February 21, 2008

The abuse!

Picture this: we've all been sick with the flu and germophobe Chris caught the bug last. He stayed home yesterday from work, so I thought, 'Hey, great time to do the wedding invitations!' Chris, being a gentleman to the last, sits quietly on the couch staring at the wall while I fuss and fume at the computer, only barely aware that he is there. His occassional interruptions, "Can I turn on the TV now?" are met with a fierce "NO! You're helping me with the invitations!" Meanwhile, I am furiously balling practice sheets of paper and hurling them all about the living room. Damn printing wizard! And why did we have to get invitations with monogram tags anyway?!?! Finally, four hours later I inform him, "Guess what? We made great progress today! We printed all the invititations and we only have one more address to add to the spreadsheet and then we can run the mail merge and print off all the envelopes!"

"Great," he says, "Can I turn on the TV now?"

He truly is an abused man.


VeeFlower said...

IT's the man's job to show up mostly sober in a nice suit and be able to dance with all the women...didn't you KNOW? Women don't know how lucky they are when their groom shows up with clean socks and a shave. On another note, I love the picture in the van. Only I know it must be staged, because Ems would never smile being alone in back, and Grace should be turned around arguing with her. Brandie should be looking glumly out the window wishing they wouldn't scrap over everything like who sits where.

Big Plain V said...

Tell Chris I'm keeping that certain phone number in a very safe place just for him. In case he doesn't know which number I'm talking about, tell him "eltershay orfay atteredbay enmay".

It's in secret guy code which you should under no circumstances try to crack.

bunnyjo georg said...

Vee: Oh, yeah, I got him figured out - after the HOURS I spent on the invitations - formatting, merging, printing, folding, gluing, postage, stuffing envelopes. Oh, yeah, he was looooong gone by that time! The pic of the girls was a spontaneous moment - actually, there was a song on the radio they liked, so they were rocking out. The arguing had already occurred. ;)

Big Plain V: Yeah, he may just have to make use of that number. Today he came home and listen to this: ok, he needed to look up an address I had taken yesterday. I told him it was on the calendar in the kitchen. He walks out there and I here this grumbling and I shout, "The calendar! You know the thing we write things on!!!" then resume my calm facade staring at the TV. He walks into the living room and goes, "Geez, I was just singing. I found the address. Geez!"

He's abused, what can I say!?!?

shortensweet said...

The poor darling.
He's so entertaining. I really enjoyed shopping with him and the girls. You better be good to him or I'll have to embarress you at the bride and groom party!

bunnyjo georg said...

I know I am SO BAD! I deserve punishment, that's for sure. But usually that's Chris's department. ;)

shortensweet said...

umm..don't you have anything to blog about?

bunnyjo georg said...

You so funny! Yeah, I got a lot to blog about! Especially my shower and the party afterwards. Jamie, you don't know how special it made me feel and how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a memory I am going to cherish for the rest of my life. And what makes it even more special is that you were the driving force behind it all. You absolutely amazed me. Maybe I can blog tonight. Hey, can you send me any pictures?