Friday, February 08, 2008

Speaking of Music

Hey, since we are talking music here, I've got two great finds for you to check out. If you love great music, you will find something to sing about:

Matt Costa: Songs We Sing (no pun intended)

Best songs are "Balad of Miss Kate" (I could listen to that all day), "Sweet Thursday" and "These Arms;" "Behind the Moon" is really cool, too - another all day listener. His sound is really diverse; always melodic, at times folksy or rocksy at others mellow but always, always sounds great. "Cold December" is really good, but don't make it your first listen. Get a feel for him first or you'll think he's a chick-y singer, cuz he's really not.

Jack Johnson: Thicker than water

Bluesy, funky with that spicy island dash that makes Jack Johnson one of my favorite boys, and here he grooves with several talented musicians and balladeers. This is the kind of music that if you hung out with really great musicians (you wish!), this is the kind of stuff they'd jam on improvisationally. It's got that raw sound of pure musicianship. Great tracks to check out are "Rainbow"which is a wicked blues ballad with a Emmalou Harris sound-alike, and "Even After All" has a funky mellow reggae sound. "Honor and Harmony" is a great surprise, so treat yourself and take a listen! There are a few instrumentals on here and normally I don't like instrumentals, but "Hobo Blues" and "Liver Splash" are not to be missed. "The Cove" and "Holes to Heaven" are vintage Jack, so enjoy those, too!

So, take advantage of the streaming audio on-line and take a listen at amazon or itunes. You'll thank me!


shortensweet said...

thank you! I keep meaning to listen to ole Jacky boy, but I keep forgetting. i know I will heart both of these dudes. (dudes right)

bunnyjo georg said...

I heart YOU, sister.


But seriously, I really do heart you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best maid of honor. Without you, I'd still have these vague ideas and NO ACTION! I am so glad I asked you to be my maid of honor because it has brought us closer in a way that we've never experienced. I've always wanted that close sister relationship like mom and Aunt Valerie have, and doing this wedding together has made that happen. I heart you!!

shortensweet said...

I heart you too! I'm really glad you did too. I've always wanted you to be happy and have what I felt you always deserved. I'm also really happy about how our relationship changed. I've always felt the same way.
Isn't it great to be grown up and not fight about nylons or the toliet?

bunnyjo georg said...

LOL! Thanks for taking me shopping yesterday. It is so exciting to be making progress and moving forward on the wedding!!!