Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok, now it's not like I don't know when the wedding is happening. I mean, I helped pick the date! And yet, I still have not begun my diet. I know the shame of having to look at pictures of myself where I am so heavy I look like I'm going to fall out the bottom of the picture. My face puffs up like a big Puff Adder snake and expands exponentially with each gap-toothed grin. Jiggly underams? Check! Bookshelf ass? Check! "Third Hand" stomach roll? Mile-high ass and jelly-roll hips? Check! Check! Check!

You know that commercial where the lady bends over at the fireplace with her red robe on and her kid yells, "Santa!" Pretty funny, huh? Yeah, well I bent over in front of the fireplace, and I hear this voice yell, "Hey, look! Ruben Studdard just came down our chimney!"

You'd think that knowing my blood sugar is frequently sailing into the 500s would motivate me to get on the right track. Unfortunately, I've been sucking popsicles like they are going out of style since getting sick. Hey, it's the only thing that helps my sore throat! And I've never, ever had a sore throat as bad as this has been.

So, what is it that I need to get motivated to lose weight? I have now a little over a month to lose weight before the inevitable picture-taking at the wedding. Help!


shortensweet said...

I was just watching a show last night about brides who 6 weeks before their wedding can't fit into their dresses. 6 weeks of hard work and eating good, they'd lose 2 sizes.

I started today. Not too seriously, but thought before I ate. GOing to get on the treddymill tomorrow and try to find a time to go to curves. I don't want to look like a heifer for your wedding.

bunnyjo georg said...

I was making healthier choices until I got sick. My sore throat is what did me in. The only thing that helps is very cold things like ice cream and popsicles. I know, sounds convenient, doesn't it? I'm going to the doctor today because I suspect I may have strep throat. Ugh! I've never had a sore throat this bad.

Anyway, I have a really good eating plan that is not "dieting" per se. I am going to get on track this week and cook ahead for next week when I start my job. Wish me luck!

VeeFlower said...

Stress always makes me overeat, but avoiding stress is almost impossible. So I don't have any good advice. Like the comedian said, "Don't you hate it when fat people tell you how you can lose weight?" The only thing that has helped me lately (I've been sick, too) is having an exercise bike in front of the tv in the bedroom. I may not be losing weight, but it does tone and help you feel more trim and energetic.
I do wish you all the best in your future endeavors, particularly that new job you are soon starting!