Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Braving the Elements

Today I actually braved the elements to get you these pictures. It is the same old crap - snow! snow! snow! When will it ever stop?!?!? I can't wait for spring and this is what I get! Anyway, I wanted to give you some new views of the hell-frozen-over we are living in here, so I actually put my boots on and went outside. Brave! This view here is from the back deck looking toward the front of the house. It is snowing pretty profusely which is why it looks sorta fuzzy. Either that or I moved or something.

You can really see how hard it is snowing in this picture. The visibility is down to a quarter mile as you can see from the background. I was going to take the girls to the pool to swim today, but the roads are really bad. One thing we've noticed over the past couple years is that winter starts later every year and lasts longer into the spring. If we are right about this, we may just have a frigid-cold wedding day! Stupid snow!

Just to tantalize everyone with visions of a warmer time, here is a pciture of our roses and dogwoods from last spring and summer. Ah, to be warm again!

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