Sunday, February 03, 2008

Slip of the lip

If I said to you "Let's do it Tuesday," you should know I meant Thursday, should you not? In my brain I said, "Thursday," but my mouth said, "Tuesday." A simple slip of the lip.

Here's another one. Let's say I walk into your office one morning, and I say, "There's something wrong with the copy machine. It's making strange noises and no coffee is coming out." Ok, now that one is obvious. Coffee machine, idiot! No reason to ask me if everything is ok at home.

This one is the worst. Imagine a romantic moment of absolute bliss. In a delirious haze you say,
Ok, I don't know why you said it, but just imagine you did. Now, don't you think it's weird to hear, "Who's Evan?"

Do you think this could be related to random turning? I know someone - I'm not saying who - but this particular someone, while driving, will make random turns. Say you're going to the store. Going there requires a straight shot down Comstock. Well, for some reason, this person would turn on, let's say, Ferris or something. Startled, you say, "Hey, why'd you turn this way? I thought we were going to the store." Jolted from whatever mental detour she'd been traversing, she says, "Oh. We are. I don't know why I turned there." That's somewhat strange, doncha think?

But undoubtedly the best of all is this: Let's say you are friends with a couple for a long time. Like several years. One night you are at their house along with a large group of all your friends and you want to pray for this couple. The couple whose house you are at. The couple you've known for years. Ok, so you start out really well, "Dear Lord, please" and your mind goes completely blank! Names? Who knows. Your mind frantically searches and come up with nada, "Yeah, please help uh...." Luckily, your good friend, the guy, chimes in, "Brian and Sue...!" Yeah, that's embarassing. But at least they weren't mad at me. Not like the time I got excited because I saw a friend drive up, and I said, "Hey, look, Gloria's here!" Everyone gets excited because Gloria was there, but in the door walks Victoria. I meant Victoria, but for some reason I said Gloria. Everyone laughs it off, but strangely her Gloria for the rest of night on accident. Gloria/Victoria didn't seem to enjoy our little slips of the lip as much as we were. Unfortunately for her, this bad habit was catching with our church friends; about half the congregation started doing it. Victoria and I had always been good friends, but I know that after the Gloria incident wound down, she still wondered why I did it. Hey, it was just a slip of the lip.

Just sayin.


VeeFlower said...

LOL! Yeah, I forgot to tell you, if you have the family gene which causes the sugar problem, you also have the mental farts that go with it. Why do I call Paige "Brooke" when I know I am looking at and talking to Paige? And vice versa. They are quick to correct me, and what excuse do I have, when I never get them mixed up anymore in my head?!
All I know is that if you can smell oranges and repeat words like "broccoli" you probably don't have Alzheimers. Yet.

bunnyjo georg said...

You know who else has it? Emily. She constantly calls me "dad" or "grandma" or her latest frequent flier, "Mrs. Fiore." I suspect she does the same thing to Mrs. Fiore. That kid, she just kills me!

shortensweet said...

I was remembering when you had a slip of the lip that was really funny..but guess what I can't remember it!!

I think I'm getting senile....