Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yeah, the post below is a little in your face, but I have to tell you that over the last couple days, every time I get on the road, we have some jack ass with a big 4 wheel drive riding right up our tailpipe. The thing is that people tend to drive as fast as they safely can in weather and road conditions like this. If we are not driving over 30 or 35 miles per hour, it's because we know that with our light little car or our light van that we could not maintain proper control of the the vehicle, particularly in stopping or turning. It just makes me so uptight that they try to force us to go faster by pushing us from behind. Hey, this is not Nascar! It's like that Allstate commercial says, the road is not filled with just drivers, it is filled with families and people like you and me who are counting on getting to their destination safely. Obnoxious behavior like I've experienced over the last couple days is just not called for. I wish people were more considerate of the lives they are putting in danger, damn it! And THAT is why I published that grotesque post below. But you gotta admit, that guy is pretty great, n'est ce pas? He really gets the point across even if it isn't pretty! I'll go back to my nice pictures soon, but for now he has to stay!


Big Plain V said...

Like the new crop of pics. The only thing that seems to be missing from the pileup photo is the scathing layer of windswept snow that caused the poor visibility that caused the crash. Whoever took this picture must have snapped it between gusts.

And I agree about the truck-guys. It's like they think we're driving slow because we're feint-hearted wimps and their aggressive driving is meant to inspire us to be macho and brave like them.

It's probably wrong, but I'm always hoping THEY'LL spin into the ditch.

shortensweet said...

I like the semis that fly past you too..oh yeah, that makes me feel safe.

I was driving in that shiznit! I didn't need to see the gales of snow covering the roads!

bunnyjo georg said...

Big Pain V: Is it "pain" or "plain"? I hear you on the wind and snow - I can only drive about 10 minutes before my windshield wipers ice over, and I can't see anymore.

Shorts: You were a bad girl, you know that. No driving in that shiznit, especially if you are embarking on a multiple-hour trek! I said so!

VeeFlower said...

Next get-together I will tell you how Short tricked me...but I knew she would! Didn't want me to worry but I know her too well. I agree with all you said about agressive drivers. I, too, have to take things very slowly in my Texas-born-and-raised one-wheel drive van!