Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blood sugar harumphs

My blood sugar is down over a point on my A1C, which if you know what that is, you know it’s a big deal. If you don’t know what it is, prepare yourself for boredom. It’s the average blood sugar reading over 90 days. So bringing it down a whole point is great and considering I did it in 2 months, even better. My morning blood sugar is now normal (at worst it is in the target range). My before meal sugar is also either normal or in the target range. Unfortunately, in spite of exercising every day, in spite of following (pretty closely) the dietary guidelines, my post-prandial sugar is way too high, averaging in the 225-250 range.

What is so frustrating about this is that if you go online to get recipes or menus for diabetics, they are rife with exactly the kind of foods that cause a spike in my blood sugar. Even 1/3 of a cup of rice with no other carb in a protein/veggie meal will cause a raise in my blood sugar to over 200, so how am I going to eat a peanut butter banana sandwich for breakfast?

I have come to the conclusion that I am very sensitive to carbs, perhaps even more so than the average diabetic. After all, if I am taking my medicine, exercising an hour a day and eating less than 30 grams of carb in a meal, if my blood sugar spikes to over 200, obviously I have overdone it with the carbs.

The last time I saw him (back when he told me I have to exercise an hour a day – ugh), my doctor asked me how many carbs per meal I was allowed by the dietitian. This was my moment of triumph – the one where I got to tell my compassionate, sympathetic doctor how the meanie dietitian only lets me have 30 carbs for most meals and 15 for a snack! Even my dinner meal is only 45 and most adults get 45-60 for each meal! She’s a nazi, I told my doctor. “Really?” he said, “Because I actually think that sounds like an awful lot of carbs to me. I’ve got patients doing 50 per day.” Per day?!??!?

Now add to that the fact that he wants me to lower my cholesterol to below 100 and my LDLs to below 75 in the next year (because, my sweets, diabetics are at such a high risk for heart attacks and I am soooooo young). I can’t complain too much because number 1, he’s right. And number 2, I should anyway. I have a lot of decades to be a diabetic and if I’m not very proactive about reversing the negative effects of diabetes, I probably won’t live as long as my siblings – or my husband. Poor Chris! So, lowering cholesterol also means…..less bad fat, a little good fat. And watching my salt intake! Argh!!!!!

So, take away alcohol, take away sweets, take away virtually all carbs (due to my sensitivity), take away most fats and now salt. I might as well eat the plastic bag my food comes in.

And what kills me is that every diabetic anything begins with the words, “Being a diabetic doesn’t mean giving up your favorite foods, it means learning the proper portion of those foods.”

Uh, I guess that means my portion is zero.


Big Plain V said...

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You can have up to eight crumbs of a chocolate-chip cookie, and you can lick the little cardboard square that comes under a Little Debbie swiss roll. What more do you want?

bunnyjo georg said...

Tee hee hee.

Actually, no sooner do I start complaining and....my post-prandial blood sugar after lunch was 160. Yay! Maybe the exercise is starting to work.....or maybe I'm losing weight. One thing is fore sure, it wasn't the amount of carbs I ate for lunch. I had probably over 60. Bad Laura!

Big Plain V said...

You go, girl. Your big brother's proud of you. Exercising and watching labels and whatnot.

bunnyjo georg said...

Thank you! And you may be seeing a slimmer version of me soon....I hope!

VeeFlower said...

This entry left me feeling so sad. That is why I haven't commented up to now. Diabetes is a cruel disease, it forces you to pay too much attention to yourself and at the same time, it isn't in a good-selfish way. But you have taken control of it, and I am proud of you. Wish I had your oomph.

Bryan said...

I got my "high blood sugar" from 410 to 92 in a couple of months by going on an alkalizing diet which involves eating mostly foods that are alkaline to your body like most fruits and vegitables some grains and nuts and so-on,

I also used lots of cinnamon, and chromium GTF 1000mg per day. I also took a couple of teaspoons of Barley juice powder daily.

I have not taken any of the medications or gone to a regular doctor. Someday people are going to realize that regular medical doctors have no interest in curing you but instead treat your symptoms.

Diabetes is a myth. You have insulin resistance and that is reversible, except in very extreme cases where the pancreas is damaged severely.

Do yourself a favor and try to find a naturopathic doctor (N.D.). You can start at your local health food store.