Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John McCain, I hope you lose!

So, the plan was to sail into Washington like Superman and lead the cavalry to the winner's circle, eh? Hm. Looks like the cavalry didn't listen. (Oh, I love to mix my metaphors! Forgive?)

I have to say, love the comment from Boehner (who is a BONER regardless of how he pronounces his name), that Nancy Pelosi's spanking of the Republican party ruined their coalition. They never had the votes to begin with! Nancy Pelosi's an idiot and she was wrong, but the GOP is just using her ill-timed and ill-advised speech as a scape goat. They couldn't whip their votes, and you know what? I think Nancy Pelosi knew it. Why she ever called a vote, I don't know. Political machinations.

Here's another idiot: Barney Frank. Boehner at least had the decency to call for a reconsideration of the vote, and for those of you watching the live coverage, you could hear Barney Frank scream, "Stop! No!" and then after then Chairwoman said that she would consider a motion if brought, Boehner reiterated his request, and Frank said, "Resume business" or whatever it is, meaning he objected, and they go back to other business. And then he had the audacity to blame Boehner and his lack of coalition. Hah! That was political manipulation on Frank's part, plain and simple. He wanted to eviscerate the Reps, and he stopped the reconsideration to do so. What an ass.

Another ass to kick here is Newt Gingrich of whom I have NEVER been a fan. His Contract for America - what a joke!!!!! Would've at least had some credibility despite its wrong-headed assumptions and resolutions if only one or two of the so-called promises ever came to pass. So, guess what ole Newt's been up to? He wants to run for President in 2012, and he was on the news the last week telling everyone he is whipping for Republicans to pass the bailout resolution and that his "saving the nation" coalition of GOPs would be his grand entrance back onto the national political stage in preparation for that presidential bid. As a matter of fact, as the votes were being counted, he issued a statement saying that he had voted for the measure. But what was he REALLY doing? According to report this morning by Andrea Mitchell, she has first-hand knowledge that he was whipping AGAINST the resolution. Sounds like a little bit of political skull-duggery, eh?

Oh, those damn politicians. Fire all of them!

And as for John McCain, I had respect for him for years because he seemed to really care about what was right and would stand up for what was right even when no one else would. However, his political actions over the last three weeks have completely eliminated any respect I had for him and positively convinced me that he has no integrity whatsoever and will do and say whatever it takes to get elected, even if it means contradicting his 26-year track record! Oh, the Ass! The Despot! The Manipulator! I really hope he loses and not by just a little. I hope Obama kicks his ass right into retirement. I hope he is so humiliated he doesn't have the guts to show up on Capitol Hill again.

And as for Newt Gingrich, if he runs for president in 4 years, I will personally do everything in my power to campaign against his election!!!!


Big Plain V said...

I know not of what you speak, but oddly, you have me convinced.

VeeFlower said...

I was sitting in the waiting room at Hackley looking for a mag that wasn't WEB MD, when I saw the BREAKING NEWS logo on the tube. The motion was defeated. I think I got tears in my eyes right then. Couldn't read after that. Oh, what have we gotten ourselves into? And how are we getting ourselves out of it? I don't flippin' know. However, I do know this: when the shit settles it will be in our neighborhoods, not theirs.

bunnyjo georg said...

BPV: Ooo, love to make a convert!

VF: You're darn tootin' it'll be settling in our neighborhoods, not theirs. Is it an inherent necessity that the politicians seem unaccountable to the very system they are elected to uphold?!?! It sounds, however, that a slightly tweaked version of the bailout is going to pass, which is actually too bad. I was hoping that since the Reps in the House flubbed it so bad, the 2 parties would actually come together and put together a good bailout package - oops, I mean "rescue" package.

The hell of it is that this BAILOUT is terrible for the taxpayers and a terrible precedent for the federal government to be paying off a bunch of no-good crooks on Wall Street not to mention getting the government involved at all in a "free market" system!

HOWEVER - and this is where the rub comes in - in order to save not only our economy here in the US but the world economy, a bailout package is necessary. NECESSARY - unless, of course, you don't care about your job and getting a paycheck and being able to have food and services and a whole lot of other things because baby, we run on credit in the US, and I don't mean just to buy stuff and go on vacation. The basis of the economy is for every business to buy on credit and pay on terms. Every business does it!

So what happens if you can't buy on credit anymore? Your business folds. That means no Blockbuster. No corner joe in the morning. No bagels with that joe. Um....no gas because the gas station went out of business. How about no groceries at Meijers? How about this one: can't use your debit card anymore because your bank has put a hold on all credit transactions.

Yeah, it sounds so doomsday-ish to say, but unfortunately.....so true.

Anyway, the good news is, we will avoid all that unpleasantness because according to all reports, the Senators are going to step up to the plate and pass a barely-amended version of the same bill. So, c'est la vie! Let's all party and then go max our credit again cuz the Feds bailing us out! Yay!!!!

DCveR said...

The second version did pass... and it will bring only one change to the average Joe: more taxes. The only ones who are actually getting bailed out are the big sharks that caused all the mess to start with. Funny, funny world. Big companies playing with funny papers break havoc with the whole economy worldwide.
The only reason I'm not laughing at it is because we'll get splashed this side of the pond too.

VeeFlower said...

Just been watching the history of Russia on the tube, which also mentions the French Revolution. Anyone read Pearl S. Buck's "The Good Earth"? There is a common theme in history, and that is the powers that be ignore the plight of the common man, most of whom do the work and pay taxes, but go hungry when the economy tanks due to horrible decisions by those in charge. So where does that leave you and me? I would say get your hands on some seeds and plant a garden of edibles, and you may just want to put a nice big fence around it while you're at it. Because the government might have deep pockets when it comes to taking care of their own, but as for you and me, we are on our own, dude.

bunnyjo georg said...

DCVER!!!! How good to hear from you! Glad to see that you are still cruising the blogosphere (even though it isn't hip anymore...we diehards must stick together!) Sorry our fiscal irresponsibility is splashing over to your side of the pond. Stupid Americans. Oops, that's me, too.

VeeFlower: Oh, let's don't be surprised. History has ALWAYS been written by the powers-that-be (Howard Zinn aptly examines this question in his slightly interesting book "The People's History of the United States"), and the powers-that-be control the fates of all, c'est la vie; it truly is the life we lead. However, we have this one vote, and I hope you use it well. Let the world hear your voice!