Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh, dear...look what I started!

Ooo...love the comments, everyone! I love the fact that I've gotten everyone thinking about what they really believe in (pat, pat, pat!) and whether they can stomach the evils of two lessers (love the line, hubbyman!)

But....there are MAJOR issues at stake in this election apart from whether a black man or woman occupy executive positions, and I firmly believe that more than at any other time in my personal voting history, involvement - at least from a cerebral standpoint - in this election is absolutely vital to the future of our nation. I hope I am interesting everyone enough to get stimulated! (mentally, of course...garsh!)

I do like Sarah Palin because she stands for something deeply important to me: family. My family means everything to me. However, that does not mean that McCain-Palin automatically get my vote this year. These are the issues that, at the core of my voting heart, will drive my vote: I will be thinking about Britt out there trying to get established financially in her new career. I'll be thinking about Grace and Brandie facing college decisions. I'll be thinking about 8 years from now when Emily graduates from High School - what kind of a world will she graduate into?

The future of our nation as a global power is in question right now...we need a leader who will, as Big V points out, re-establish our leadership in the world as a country that has integrity both militarily and financially.

So, no more pointless wars where diplomacy was not employed first!

No more disregard of the Rules of Engagement: no torturing prisoners, no illegal detainees, and no more first strikes and Shock and Awe!

Americans, let's get out of debt!

Let's hold greedy bank executives accountable for risky loans!

Let's outlaw gratuitous solicitation of credit cards, equity loans and adjustable rate mortgages!

Let's invest in new energy! New technology! Education!

And let's invest in plain old economically sound principles to re-establish our credibility in a world that is continually de-valuing our dollar!


Because the needs of this country are so great, I am not yet ready to endorse any candidate. I think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered by the McCain-Palin ticket as the anonymous poster pointed out, and they can't continue to run on his war record and their “maverick” reputations. That's just plain dumb. As for Obama-Biden, I have one word of caution: We need action not rhetoric! Clearly, both camps need to better define where they stand and how their stand differs from the current President and the other candidate.

Like VeeFlower said, we are being courted right now. It is easy to go with your heart and make an emotional decision at a time like this, but anyone who’s been divorced knows that once you say I do, you are stuck with what you picked and what you didn’t know beforehand WILL come back to bite you.

So, I recommend caution and careful consideration in regard to each candidate, and I am not recommending any particular candidate for election. My hope is to put thoughts out there that make others want to get involved and throw their rhetorical hat into the political arena.

Judging from the comments I’ve been getting, I’m hitting that goal pretty accurately! Yay!


Big Plain V said...

That person in picture, 'it's my choice to be a stupid voter', that's me. I don't have TV, I don't read the paper, and I need to get informed. (yes, I'm being serious for a change)

Is there any sort of non-partisan website where you can just go and read the candidates stands on issues, sort of in two side-by-side columns? It wold also be helpful is said website played some kind of inspirational music in the background - like 'Eye of the Tiger' or something.

Anonymous said...


Ask and you will receive. A side by side non-partisan comparison of information and their positions on the various issues.

bunnyjo georg said...

Not all information sources are non-partisan...I used the link below from a news source (CNN) because while many people deride the media for being partisan (which they can be in "opinion pieces"), in reality there is accountability for balanced representation in political campaigns (regulated by the gov no less). Sometimes it is hard to know who the "info" is behind a website, ergo....


This link will allow you to compare issue for issue the stands Obama vs McCain are taking.

Big Plain V said...

Thanks so much. Actually... could you remind me again the night before we have to vote (whatever day that is).

I've always performed better on tests by 'cramming'.

(yes, I'm back to being 'not serious')

Big Plain V said...

BTW, come back to my blog. I need your input on something.

Anonymous said...

you think cnn is non partisan? uh, ok.

bunnyjo georg said...

Hi anon, thanks for commenting again. I agree, much of media coverage today is in the editorial "opinion" or "analysis" category. The position statements on the CNN Election Center do not fall into that category. They do a good job of fairly representing the 2 candidates positions, although Obama has released a lot of new information about his different plans this week, and I haven't checked to see if that has been updated on the positions comparison.

The point that I was making above in regard to the sources behind websites is that a lot of times lobby organizations utilize a generic "info" type website to push their positions. Honestly, I have not had a chance to check out your link to know whether or not this applies to the website you recommend.

I do appreciate your comments because it opens the discussion to new thoughts and ideas. Again, with the importance of this election, we need to consider carefully all of the positions and the implications thereof. Your comments help us to evaluate on a broader and more balanced plane. Thank you.

bunnyjo georg said...

BPV, kudos to you and your willingness to brave the sometimes caustic world of politics and foray into what is unchartered territory for you. Hurray, I've made a convert!!

I am personally looking forward to the debates when we will get a good look at how both candidates think and how they respond to criticism etc. which I expect will be a window to their soul. If you don't want to follow the hot debates and arm-chair analysis by pundits the world over, I'd recommend tuning into the debates and then following up the debate with a visit to www.factcheck.org because candidates will often misrepresent or skew the record to their advantage in a debate or speech. A good example is Sarah Palin's claim that she said to congress "No thanks to that bridge to nowhere" when in fact she supported it up until it's national evisceration, and THEN she said "no thanks." Factcheck does a good job of vetting the claims and statements by candidates, so it's a good resource.

Big Plain V said...

Hey, my blogroll says you updated. What gives?

Did you change your layout or settings or something? That might have set it off.

bunnyjo georg said...

My my my....inquiring minds want to know, don't they?


I took down a post is all. No actual WRITING or anything. Bad laura!

Anonymous said...

if u want 4 more years of the same, mccains YOUR guy!

bunnyjo georg said...

Tch, tch, tch. Looks like I have a disgruntled anonymous poster...

What I am expressing here is an instictual liking for Sarah Palin as a person(which has waned considerably in light of weightier matters), not advocacy for McCain. You are misinterpreting my sound advice to McCain to shape up his campaign for an endorsement - it most certainly is not! It is like when the Lions play, I tell them exactly what to do. It doesn't mean that I am voting them the best team in the league. I mean, hellow!!!

In case anyone is wondering (and no doubt they are), I have not been posting on the EXTREMELY DISTURBING economic developments as I have engaged in gathering information. Much like the method I am using to decide who to vote for, I am gathering as much information as I can before deciding what I think the best course is (I think Obama takes after me in this regard). However, if you wonder what I think about it all, all you need to do is look at my sidebar, it speaks for itself.

And I do have some more words for McCain: The respect garnered by your service to our country politically and militarily has ground to an absolute halt by your inexcusable flip-flopping on a career-held advocacy for de-regulation; instead of taking responsibility for advocating a policy that has brought about the near ruin of our economy, you deflect the responsibility you share by having voted for de-regulation by pointing your finger and going, "Look at the bad greedy guys. It's all their fault! Let's fire them!!!" For shame! Will you stop at nothing to win the election? You lie in your ads, you do a complete about-face politically on regulation to save your campaign, you chose Sarah Palin to bring some popularity to your campaign and you haven't one ounce of real policy to back up any of your claims to reform Washington. John McCain, I sincerely hope you lose.