Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're all weirdos

Somehow last night we got onto the subject of weird, random things we do in our own mind that actually drive us nuts and make us feel like we're bizzare, crazy or just plain obssessed.

It started with Grace talking about writing, and it reminded me of when I was a little kid I used to write - as a story - everything that other people said and did. For instance, if we were sitting having a conversation, in my mind I'd be writing '"I just don't know," John said and turned to look out the window.' I did this constantly, almost obssessively, and I felt so strange for doing it that I eventually confessed with tears to my Uncle Brian that I thought I was crazy.

We all laughed, and Chris said he used to work for a company where he would have to count plants with a clicker. So, for hours during a certain part of the year he'd walk up and down rows clicking, clicking, clicking. Well, soon he began counting the clicks. Next thing he knew, he was counting everything - the number of signs on the side of the road, the number of times someone blinked, the number of times someone said "um...." until finally he thought he would go crazy. Luckily he was saved by a career switch and the counting stopped.

So Grace pipes up and says when she is in a car, every time she goes by a sign she clicks her teeth and every time she clicks her teeth it means the sign disappears, no longer obscuring her view of nature. Like, wow.

And all this talk just got me thinking, what kind of weird, random things do you do in your mind?


Big Plain V said...

When I'm walking down any corridor-type place, I need to be touching the wall. Or a handrail. Or anything to keep from being swept away in the long empty swirling down the tunnel.

It is for this reason that I hate the mall.

(You need to start a freaking novel, Bunny)

Big Plain V said...

Quit making excuses.

VeeFlower said...

My brother Wayne and I had this conversation. As a child, he used to repeat everything that was said on tv. He would move his lips, but not make a sound. He did this obsessively, and we got a good laugh out of it. I have more than one compulsion. One is to count patterns, or tiles. We have a hamper in our bathroom that is perforated with air holes and I find myself counting those frickin' holes almost every time! The other one is to "draw" things in my mind...when I see certain things I compulsively "draw" over them in my mind to correct some flaw or just to confirm a shape or pattern...like sometimes people's faces, etc. egad. It does feel good to know I am not the only one who has weird mental compulsions. I think I read somewhere that we do these things as a form of self-comfort. I would say by now it's just a freakin' habit!

After The Blackbird Sings said...

Whenever there's a mat on the floor, I imagine lines coming out of the corners and try not to step on those lines.

bunnyjo georg said...

I hope all of you got a kick out of this post and all the comments, I sure did!

BPV: Yeah, good thing you hold on tight so you don't get swallowed into the empty vastness that is a corridor. And good call on avoiding the malls. As for a novel...yeah, I'd love to write....once we get the house done. !!!!

VeeFlower: Your story about Uncle Wayne reminds me of a funny hunting story Chris told me. I'll have to post it sometime. Hey, I've got an idea for you, move the hamper so you can pee in solace!!! ;)

Blackbird: It must have something to do with your mother's back. What happens if there are multiple mats stacked up at different angles on each other? How could you possibly navigate all the vectors and angles? Jumping perhaps would be your best bet. Tee hee!

DebraLSchubert said...

This behavior is called OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder. We all have it to some degree. It's when it takes over our lives that it becomes a problem (The book, "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing" by Dr. Judith Rappaport is an amazing example.) Mine is creating balanced designs in my mind, kind of like a kaleidoscope. Hey, you asked!

(BTW: You're brother turned me on to your blog. I'm sorry, but you probably need to thank him.)

shortensweet said...

OMG Mom, I count those friggen holes too!!

Most of my quirks are public, there is no need to keep them in the privacy of my own head.

bunnyjo georg said...

Debra, Welcome to my quirky world! Thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a run-by. As for your kaliedascope designs, it sounds more like a gift than a disorder. If you could only think of a way to market it and become the world's next millionaire.....

Shorty: OMG I don't even want to hear about your toileting behaviors. ;) Hey, you've dissed me. I left message, no call back. Hmph! I might have to take your Christmas presentS back!

Anonymous said...

Tell Grace I did the teeth clicking thing as a child too but not to make things disappear I would click as things went by such as road signs or sometimes the lines in the middle of the road.

bunnyjo georg said...

Yoob: You think there might be a genetic trait linking this behavior? Mom and Jamie count holes on the toilet (ewww!) and you and Grace click your teeth as you go by things on the side of the road....if anyone says they write "books" in their mind I'm gonna put my $ in genetic stocks!