Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True story

Shuffling through an ex-coworkers desk, I came across the cartoon here. As you can see it is in some disrepair and had been casually tossed aside where it had once been tacked to her cubicle wall - in a place of honor, no doubt.

But here's the interesting thing: She was pregnant from the Shipping Guy out in the warehouse. One day, she just quit coming to work and the Shipping Guy called saying his doctor wouldn't let him come to work until further notice. A couple weeks later, the pregnant girl's boss is coming back from lunch and he sees her strutting down the street, still preggers. He goes back to the office and fires her (and the cause of the delay was.....?)

So fast forward a couple weeks and the warehouse gets an inventory count. Hmmmm, a number of our stainless steel and aluminum parts are missing. Like hundreds, perhaps thousands (unfortuantely, I didn't get to get in on the really juicy details). Suddenly things start to click for the upper "execs" at my company.

Apparently Amanda and Jay, the culprits described above, had been coming in on the weekends to finish up work they had gotten so far behind on. Jay would often have to use the company truck on these weekend overtime adventures (and yes, they were both paid overtime). So, Jay and Amanda weren't really working; they had thought up a get-rich-quick scheme to help keep them afloat since Jay apparently had some sort of severe addiction: they would just go scrap (perfectly good) parts at the scrap yard and pocket the money. This had been occuring for a number of months before they both disappeared. Suddenly that little cartoon there doesn't seem so innocent, huh?

Ok, so fast forward a couple more weeks after the cops investigate and come to find out, the Warehouse Manager had been also involved in the scrapping scheme. He also came up missing one day with an email that read "I am going to be out of the office for about a month." The next day his boss sent an email saying he wouldn't be coming back. Word is they are all getting prosecuted. And you know what else? The Warehouse Manager's son has taken over the managing position his father vacated.

And all because that damn beer was addicted to Jay! Poor guy.


Big Plain V said...

I know how he feels. Guinness has a Ray addiction and sometimes it tries to get me to do bad things.

bunnyjo georg said...

I know, sugar does the same thing to me. When we were going to Cinci and we passed the Pioneer Sugar plant it was a very, very tense moment.

shortensweet said...

it could be worse and it could be your JOB that's addicted to you!

My blackberry is addicted to me. It cries every time i set it down. Isn't that sad? I should see if there is a 12 step program for Jamie abuse.

It's hard to believe that just beer would do that to a person.

Anonymous said...

The place sounds like early GHI with everyone keeping tabs more or less on themselves. At GHI a few of us knew as fact that a couple employees helped themselves to gensets and other high ticket items. Another employee and his wife came in once a month and stocked up on TP, paper towels, cleaning fluids etc. in addition to parts which held retail or scrap value but nobody could prove it for sure and GHI did not want the legal tangles due to the likely racial accusations that would fly had they decided to pursue these figures.

VeeFlower said...

OMG...I can't believe all this stuff going on...what makes beer treat it's victims so cruelly? I thought Guiness was nice, but now I know, it's just like the rest. I hope they catch those trashy beers and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law! And Yoob, I guess working for Nutter and then Wacker makes for some strange happenings. Not in the same league, but I once had a boyfriend who refused to take a dump at home because he said if he did it at work they would not only pay him, but he didn't incur the expense of using his own toilet paper.

bunnyjo georg said...

Jammer: Tell your Blackberry that if it doesn't start behaving you'll cheat on him with your IPhone. That ought to clear things up PDQ!

Yoob: Oh, yes, I remember the scandals and scuttlebutt from the ole days at GHI. I think the thing to ponder here is....if it hadn't been for the uh, skin color involved, action would have been taken THUS the conclusion that if whitey had stolen toilet paper, whitey would've been using it in the county jail!

Ma: You must be very intelligent - I notice you identified the on-the-job-pooper as your EX boyfriend. That was probably a deal breaker, huh? ;)