Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Fine Day

Truly, madly, deeply I long to write here every day, filling your moments with joy as you trip gayly through my mental meanderings. Imagine the sheer bliss of experiencing the bulwark of my ever-burgeoning mental processes! Oh, joy, how it brightens my soul, and how it will brighten yours! Too bad I can't think of a freaking thing. Thanks, stroke, you suck royal jelly balls of phlegm!

Tune in tomorrow, I may be able to do better. Sigh.

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VeeFlower said...

Ha ha! I am too lazy to put stuff on my blog because it takes too much time. Nice picture, by the way. I notice the teeth are fashionably fifties: yellow. Red lipstick was recommended to make women's teeth look more white, obviously, that little beauty tip didn't work for this model. : )

bunnyjo georg said...

Ooooo, I'm bad....that's all my coloring on her teeth and her unibrow, zits, chin hair and low forehead. Makes me feel better when I look at that at work.