Thursday, April 13, 2006

Love songh

Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me/Today I need something more sub-sub-sub-substantial/A can of beans or blackeyed peas/ some Nescafe and ice/a candy bar, a falling star/ or a reading of Doctor Seuss-Seuss!

Don't even try to wake-her-up!
Don't even try to wake-her-up!
I can always sleep standing up!
Don't even try to wake-her-up!

We've got to moogie, moogie, move on this one.

-REM, "Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight"


shortensweet said...

You are on crack

bunnyjo georg said...

But I like being on crack.

Anonymous said...

maybe there are maggots in your cookies.....get more sleep honey or your job will suffer....and you will makes you have wrinkles in all the wrong places...

Melissa said...

Michael Stipe is a god.

Forget the haters.

Bonnie Blithe said...

I am SO playing Murmur as soon as I get home...

bunnyjo georg said...

I feel the love! Thank you, supperts :D

Grandma, you gave me a chuckle on that one. Yes, I needn't add wrinkles to my quickly-growing list of old age horrors!

Anonymous said...

remember, all of us get older...and it has its advantages, you have lots of advice and encouragents and no one is after your man, and you dont have to babysit unless you want to and you can eat all you want cause who cares about your shape etc....really look forward to the day when you can just be yourself and dont have to put on a suit to please the boss.......ha ha....get it?

Chill Daddy said...

I see you've been utilizing the biblical curse generator.

bunnyjo georg said...

Please note: "supperts" is a code word for "supporters"

Grandma, yeah you bet your ass I'm looking forward to the day when ALL my friends pick hairs out of their nipples and we share tips on the best brand of absorbent undergarments.

Chill Daddy: Yeah, I got a good one, doncha think! :)

Anonymous said...

thats a negative view of an older adult....I dont pick hairs and not all older adults have those leaking do...some dont...they have operations for leaking...didnt you know? lol....also I have friends of all ages....of both genders....sooooo...kick off those shoes and will get older ....anyway I pray that you do...

shortensweet said...

Ya know sis, if I needed to take, oh, lets say a Saturday off this summer, I'd need to know ASAP. :)
Just sayin' that's all.

Trophy Wife said...

ok, i feel stupid. is this a song? if so, i would like a candybar and have noone wake me up. i would like to get 10 hrs of sleep instead of 6.

the Dad. said...

You know, you haven't changed your template, or your blog title or you screen name for a while.... come to think of it, you haven't updated in an unusually long time either.

bunnyjo georg said...

Shorty: How do your Saturdays look in June? Although....seeings how you have a bet, Chris and I were thinking September's looking pretty good... :)

Trophy Wife: Yes, it's a song. You'd have to hear how Michael Stipe sings this lyric to understand why it's a love song - he's got this adorable little smothered giggle as he sings "or a reading from Dr. Seuss" and then he adds a bright little "Seuss!" So cute! As for a candybar and more sleep - hellow!!! Anyone who loves us would give us that! ;)

Ray-Daddy: I did change my tag line! And I've added a lot of links to this page. And I'm trying to finger out how to add pictures to my sidebar like you did. Any hints!?! The lack of posts is because I really, really want to post about Chris, but I have a couple strikes against me: he's incredibly humble and private, so he's really shy about me writing about him. Plus, it is a labor of love so it has to be just perfect and there are so many important things that I want to say but finding the time what with all this lovely living we are doing is quite difficult! Perhaps blogging is not as important as it once was. :)

Anonymous said...

well...holy cow....things are happening fast....happy for you and we think its wonderful that you have discoverd what it is to be happy.....and content....and is suppose to be like that for all of us...cant wait to see all of you this summer....

bunnyjo georg said...

Gee willickers, we sure did get the rumor mill running, didn't we Chris? My strategy for now is to keep everyone guessing about what is really going on by giving mixed messages and making sure that what I say today contradicts what I said yesterday. That way, once I show up with the ring, everyone will know not to ask a bunch of pesky questions about flowers and attendants and colors. Weddings are for the birds - unless you are paying for it, and I don't have to parade around like a buffooned Marie Antoinette. Let's just eat cake, shall we?!?!

*wink wink*

Anonymous said...

I grabbin sobs will grind you to the poor house with those big weddings....I have never been sorry or felt left out that I didnt have to go into debt to have a nice wedding....we did have a reception....that was fun....I was so far back I cant

Chill Daddy said...

As far as weddings go, we paid for the things that were important to us.

We had plenty of space to accomodate lots of guests but no flowers whatsoever.

So.... does Chris read the blogs? Cuz I was just about to post what I really think of him.

(and pics in the sidebar is real simple-like)

bunnyjo georg said...

Thank you, Grandma, for weighing in on my side. I think weddings are wonderful, but the pressure to accomodate everyone's idea of what is "proper" and "required" has put a huge financial strain on a lot of new marriages. Chris wants a nice, traditional wedding and I want something small and tasteful. No flowers, no fuss. Like Ray said, we'll pay for what is important to US: THE RECEPTION!!! :)

Chill Daddy-O: Sometimes I read stuff to Chris off my blog or whatever, but he doesn't like computers or the internet. It's part of what he sees as the Big Brother conspiracy. ;) I'd love to read what you think of him, though. :)

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