Tuesday, April 11, 2006

They are mucking up the works!

I received this article in my email today regarding yet more crazy Christians going off half-cocked and fecklessly ruining it for everyone.

Ruining what, you ask? Ah....good question, grasshopper.

This naive and narrow-minded child from Georgia Tech is tired of having to look at posters for the campus gay club. She thinks that insulting people because they live differently or believe differently is the Christian thing to do. It's her duty, people. Because if she isn't allowed to insult these people for what she considers a barrage of homosexuality on her campus, it violates her free speech rights.

Even worse, Christians are claiming that they are being marginalized by getting lumped in with racists because they protest tolerance movements attempting to make homosexuality more acceptable and understood by the community at large. Um, who the F cares if you are marginalized when you are spewing hate? And what about the free speech rights of people who want to educate bigots like this girl that they are human beings, too?

Look, I'm a Christian. I love God but a lot of times I think His people are just a bunch of flaming idiots. They don't think, they react. Here's the problem with what they are doing: if they succeed in getting tolerance laws overturned based on their religious belief, it crosses the line of separation of church and state, it opens the door for intolerance to be legally protected under the guise of religiosity (anyone remember slavery - hellow!?!?) and worst of all, it violates The Law all Christians are expected - nay, required - to obey: the Law of Love.

My ex-husband was fond of saying, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." Christians - supposedly - are supposed to be out there doing like Jesus did, loving on everyone, being nice and helping people change their lives. But who is going to listen to you about how they need to change their life when you are a biggoted, intolerant, name-calling bitch? When you are parading in the streets with signs like "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" or "Baby killers go to hell."

And what really kills me is that these short-sighted and reality-deprived people heading this crusade genuinely believe they are being attacked, that they are being discriminated against! So...ergo, they are fighting for the right to be rude and intolerant to a bunch of twinkle-toed fairies and bull-dykes. Makes sense.


Mom said...

But what if you aren't spewing hate, you believe others are free to choose, you aren't a bigot or a racist in practice, but you do believe it is not the will of God to be a homosexual...and you feel uncomfortable being "preached" to, or solicited via posters and so on to accept something you believe your religion has taught you is wrong? The reason I ask this is because you seem to have thought this through pretty thoroughly. And remember, religious "reminders" such as the Ten Commandments, pictures of Jesus or Nativity scenes etc. are being removed from public property because they make others feel "uncomfortable." I guess I am asking, why is it okay to make a Christian uncomfortable for their sincerely held beliefs but not okay to make anyone else uncomfortable about their beliefs? Are all entitled to their beliefs, or only some?

Anonymous said...

you said a mouthful, I,m concerned that our way of life is going downhill because of others not liking our beliefs....easter , christmas, etc....its getting very hard not to get nervous about this situation. Why do we have to change...? this is our country and others that are here should not care how or what we believe...if they do then they should go back where they came from....and IM sick of our leaders playing footsie with other religions and not keeping ours intact. oh well....what to do and how to do it...?

V J.D. said...

I think people just need to chill out. Old testament God was vengeful, hence the flood, but Jesus is a lover, not a hater. Maybe you can help me out and tell me where homosexuality is expressly prohibted. Nope, "thou shalt not be a homo" is not the 11th commandment.

bunnyjo georg said...

My whole point is that reversing the tolerance policies at Georgia Tech or anywhere else for that matter should not even be an issue if you are a Christian. If you are a Christian, you should be winning people over by the overflow of love and mercy and compassion, not by telling them how wrong they are. People who feel the need to have tolerance policies overturned are the LAST people we want speaking for Christians in public!!!

As for what mom said, people have a right to believe whatever they want so long as that belief does not significantly interfere with another person's ability to live. Please explain to me how this girl's ability to live is being infringed upon by the presence of a gay/lesbian group on her campus. Oh, and also explain this: why should the gay/lesbian group only be silenced when she advertises her Christian group all over the campus as well? Hm????

Grandma, the most significant danger to our government is NOT them turning to other religions but in them even making religion a part of politics. The separation of church and state was intended to PROTECT people's religious freedom. By injecting religion into politics, they are risking infringing on everyone's right to believe what they want, even themselves! They are starting a cultural war that will only backlash on the Christian population at large. They - the religious right - are idiots.

VJD, I completely agree - about Jesus. Sexual orientation is a modern idea, but I can no more hate a boy for doing it with boys than I can my own self for lusting after Brad Pitt when I was married to my ex. But the whole idea is that if we really follow Jesus, we'd follow his example - peace, love, compassion, forgiveness. DUH!

Anonymous said...

I say ......
"to itch his own" oh wait I mean to each his own......sorrrry

bunnyjo georg said...

I agree, Grandma, the problem is that in order for each to be his own, protections need to be there. Essentially what this nitwit in Georgia is doing would create a slippery slope whereby many other freedoms might be infringed upon than just her precious right to hate homos.

Anonymous said...

you should be in thet political field..you seem to have a passion for freedom and justis

Guyana-Gyal said...

I once went on my soapbox to Dcver about this: "They don't think, they react."

It's the way with most folks today, all religions, no-religions.

We don't think anymore. We just react.

I often say it's not the religions, it's we the people...

DCveR said...

What's with people anyhow? It seems that all of a sudden everybody must be politically correct, nobody can insult anybody, everybody resents everything...
This is stupid. All this forced tolerance is leading to badly supressed anger, anger that instead of being converted in understanding builds up into raving madness and finally explodes.
Who cares what radical catholics say? Who cares if some guys draw Allah or the prophet? Who cares if some people are homosexual?
For once I think you are not completely right on an issue, they should have the right to protest. Just the same way I have the right to call them idiots based on their fanaticism.
Tolerance is something that can never be imposed, rules forcing tolerance will always lead to increased hate in my opinion.

bunnyjo georg said...

Thank you, Grandma, but I don't really have a head for politics. I'm not clever enough. But I do care deeply about justice. You got that right!

Guyana Gyal: Yeah, religion would be great if it got rid of all the people! :) Seriously, though, even Christians can respond to homosexuality in a thoughtful way. It doesn't require hate-mongering. Really, it doesn't. I don't think Jesus would have approved, do you?

DCvR: You make an interesting point about forced tolerance bolstering hate. In America forced tolerance is necessary because of the way we've obliterated the lives of so many blacks, immigrants, native Americans - and any other sub-group that doesn't fit our fascist idea of who deserves to have rights.

I agree that people have the right to speak their minds freely. The issue with this girl, as far as I can tell, is that she resents the reprimand she got for couching her opinion in ignominious slurs intended to so shame the gay/lesbian group that they would, I don't know, disband and then hang themselves from the administrative building. In all actuality, I'm finding it hard to understand exactly what it is she wants other than the right to not be nice.

Radmila said...

Some of the meanest most judgemental people I've ever met in my life sat in the front pew of Church.

My favourite saying to do with Christianity:

Sitting in Church makes you a Christian, like sitting in a garage makes you a Cadillac.

Mom said...

I am not arguing that homosexuality is right or wrong, nor will I take up any argument about what the Bible says. I would just like to see Christians who sincerely believe homosexuality is a sin get a little of that tolerance that is supposed to be going around. Provided they don't take it upon themselves to berate or belittle the person. I have been living in sin and been loved by Christians, people, so I know it is possible.

Bonnie Blithe said...

I have many scattered thoughts on this topic.
This girl may consider homosexuality as much of a threat to society as WMDs, and consider it her moral obligation to fight this fight. I would have to respect that. She needs to remember that she gains a lot of benefits herself by living in a society where this debate is taken even remotely seriously. Maybe as many benefits as the GLT community. We have to be careful of *any* erosion of tolerance.
On the other hand:
I believe, firmly, that homosexuality IS a lifestyle choice. I don't think that lifestyle choices should get us special government or institutional benefits or extraordinary protections.
On the other hand:
I have close friends and close family members who are gay. I want the best for (most of) them.
I don't think I agree that Jesus would have been all hunky-dory with homosexuality.

Well, I *did say* they were scattered thoughts! :p

bunnyjo georg said...

Radmila: I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately for the rest of Christianity, it is those mean judgemental ones who generally set the public opinion about the rest of us.

Mom: Not that I wanted to get into a debate about whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong - instead I wanted to expose the hypocrisy of this so-called Christian girl who is yet again making all Christians look like an ass.

Bonnie: To say that Jesus would have compassion is not to say he would condone homosexuality. If you remember, the tolerance movement, particularly in the G/L community, came as a result of a few homosexuals who were beaten to the point of death. I'd say that in a case such as this where tempers seem to flare instantaneously, a few protections under the law don't hurt. Especially with the hate-mongering Christians on a new crusade of non-tolerance. That's what really scares me!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great way to say that we should all try to be as kind as possible to everyone no matter what kind of a life they lead, after all its not our business to correct the way other people believe, we dont have to agree to their lifestyle but we do have to be tolerant unless of course they are a threat to our lives.

Bonnie Blithe said...

The easter egg roll at the White House is a classic example of how people who have made this lifestyle choice deliberately push the envelope in order to "inform and educate", AKA "get in my face". Rainbow leis? Please. They should shut up just as much and faster as the girl at Georgia Tech. (Their poor kids DEFINITELY have my compassion.)

I'm not as bad a bigot as I sound. Here's what bothers me: affirmative action for gays?!? "Guess what? I'm a lesbian, where do I apply for benefits? Do I have to PROVE it?" I don't know if that's the next step, but it can't be too far off.
It sounds to me like that's what the Georgia Tech girl's puppetmasters are thinking about.

Making it illegal or against policy to disagree is not tolerance.
Laws against violence help keep people of all kinds and choices safe, NOT laws against opinion.

This is so much more compelling that reading about how sweet your man is. ;P

Anonymous said...

bonnie......my man is sweet....lol...really happy that you said what you said....we all feel about the same, live and let live....right? dont try to shove it in my face that its what I should do if I am to be a good christian...it goes both ways however....remember that...and we can all be friends....does that sound reasonable?

bunnyjo georg said...

Miss Blithe, you have so many good thoughts in your posts, particularly that "Making it illegal or against policy to disagree is not tolerance.
Laws against violence help keep people of all kinds and choices safe, NOT laws against opinion."

However, must draw the line about what is compelling reading. Anything to do with the most wonderful man on the face of this planet, i.e. CHRIS, is quite compelling reading - and writing - for me! ;)

Keke said...

What is the golden rule?
Treat people the way you want to be treated.
I thought that was a christian saying. Or thats what they taught me in sunday school 15 years ago.
People fear feelings and things they can't (I am saying can't here because some people just really Can not, not wont, CAN'T) understand, so when they dont understand gay feelings they fear it and alot of the time, christians start to hate what they fear. Tell me does that sound right?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hmmm, I don't know about 'forced tolerance'...here, in Guyana, all the religions / cultures live together in relative harmony.

We know how to respect. We learnt how to through KNOWLEDGE of the other's beliefs and through sharing of information. And through understanding that it is just not right to 'dis' the other.

I hope it doesn't change here.