Monday, July 31, 2006

Bad case of the gripes

Oh, do I have a bad case of the gripes! Ooo, I just wanna gripe everyone's head off! You ever have one of those days when you really want to have a good day and even though you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you keep thinking to yourself, "Stay positive, don't let little things get to you." Well, it wouldn't work if you worked here, that's for sure!

You ever work for one of those people that need to take psychotripic meds just to get through the day? You ever work for someone who assumes that because they are losing their grip on their life, so are you? You ever work for someone who seems not to notice the amazing things you do on the job everyday, but seems to have a knack for zooming in on irrelevant issues? And then calling you into her office to drill you about it? That is the woman I work for.

Yes, I work for Cruella DeVille. Since she started working here in February, she has been on vacation FIVE TIMES. Five. First, she took a cruise. The next week she went to Mexico. She's taken days off to spend with her daughter. She took a whole week off to watch her daughter come in 27th place in a sailboat race. She went to Florida with friends after hearing that one friend was driving down there and wanted company. That was a two-weeker. Yes, she has taken all this time and more, and she actually had the audacity to ask me exactly how much time I expected to take during Chris's surgery. To be quite precise, I took.....the day of the surgery off, two hours the next morning, and two hours when he was dicharged. That was it! But, people, come on! Where was my loyalty? I really should have been here. After all, Chris is an adult, is he not? What did I need to be there for?

But that is not all. She called me in her office one day to ask me if my daughter had hacked into our system. My ten year old daughter! A snafu caused her name to be autopopulated by MS Office as the author on all documents I edited and saved. It was quite innocent, but that didn't prevent me from being called on the carpet about it.

THEN she called me in her office last week to ask me if everything was ok in my life. The reason? A new employee ordered the wrong mailer card from our lead company and 5,000 went out wrong. Another new employee paid an agent wrong. And then when I got some contracts together for her, I accidentally included two sets of the same paperwork onto the back of each contract. Ok, the first two things had nothing to do with me and the last? An irrelevant mistake. But she seriously wanted to know if everything was ok with me.

Well, guess what? It's not. I'm deeply frustrated. I took over this position from a person that had embroiled an absolute rat's nest of paperwork into his ever-growing pile of incompetance and then threw up his hands and declared it impossible. I reordered the entire department, designed a process that drastically reduced processing time for contracts and facilitated helping agents write business sooner. I'm doing double the volume of licensing than the guy who screwed everything up and to top it all off, he was doing a lot of things wrong. Me? I straightened it out and am not making his mistakes. But...yet I have to listen to her ask me the most ridiculous, inane, irrelevant questions about whether or not I feel overwhelmed. Or if I'm not happy with Chris or if his health situation is overwhelming me.

I'm finding that her little interrogation sessions with me are making my job almost insufferable.


V J.D. said...

Sounds like that last paragraph is what you planned to write in your cover letter.

bunnyjo georg said...


Donchoo know it. I have an interview I am very excited about on Thursday. I will keep everyone posted and let you know how it goes!

Chill Daddy said...

Is this the 'Holy Macro' lady? If so, you work for a moron. After a long string of revolving management, I finally have a good boss. Some of my co-workers don't think he's effective because he's not 'holding people accountable'(another name for roughly what your boss is doing to you), but from my perspective, it looks like he's just not sweatin' the small stuff.

bunnyjo georg said...

I'm a really self-directed person, so I don't appreciate being micro-managed. Actually, no one does. But when I look over at the marketing guy chatting on MySpace with no comments from her and he actually works under this lady - boy, does my blood boil. I like your comments, Chill Daddy, about how people are grumbling that others aren't "being held accountable." They sound like nit-pickers to me. Tell your boss I say Kudos to him for being above that kind of micro-managment that makes people want to quit their job and file bankruptcy.

VeeFlower said...

I am so glad you are going to get out of that job as soon as you can. The more you do for her, the more she holds you accountable for every little nitpickin' thing, and where is your raise? Your bonus? Your paid vacation? Your health care package? Don't answer, I already know. It's obviously time for a change. I am 100% behind you. She is a swine that doesn't deserve your pearls.

grandlar said...

Hope your interview gets you out of that place as soon as possible...its so stressful and you dont need to endure the way you are being questioned.....might she be a bit jealous? or perhaps she knows you are out looking for another job? serves her right if you are able to leave..good luck and will be thinking of you on Thursday....let us know...PLEASE

Anonymous said...

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DCveR said...

For a second there I thought you were talking about my "boss"... come to think of it I wish my "boss" would take more time off. You see, whenever he is away we don't have to put up with him, the work actually runs smoother. The more I look around the more idiots I spot in leading positions so by now I stopped thinking I should look for another job. Even those who are self-employed are much better for they usually have obnoxious costumers instead of obnoxious superiors.

bunnyjo georg said...

Mom: Thank you for the support. I have made so many changes in my life over the past couple years, I was afraid everyone would think I was just being flaky by leaving this job.

Grandma: You bring up an interesting point. Jealousy is possibly a mitigating factor. Not the main factor, mind you, but most possibly present. Karen has known Chris since she was a toddler, and they have a rocky past. They don't get along. They've had to work together often and Chris can't take her stupid decisions, and she can't take Chris's maverick tendencies. Ok, so last year after Chris refused to work for her any longer, she burst into tears, and said she didn't know what she would do without him, threw her arms around his neck - and kissed him. And she hasn't exactly been supportive of my relationship with Chris, telling me he's a great guy but why would I "settle" for him with all his health problems instead of pursuing someone who made more money? Bottom line: I think Karen longs for a man who is like Chris, if not Chris himself, but has always straddled herself with her "principles" about level of income. She grew up in an awfully wealthy family, after all.

DCvR: Yes, I shouldn't use her frequent vacations (she is on vacation this week Wed through Fri) against her as it does give us a reprieve from her capriciousness. Hey, I'm going to start counting my blessings!