Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The future of this blog is threatened

As my readers have pointed out, my blog has become more of a "Chris-Watch" than the political and social commentary it started out to be. Part of the reason for that is of course my overwhelming love for Chris, and the entrenched involvement he has in every aspect of my life. Not to mention which, we've had some rather alarming developments lately.

In light of all this, my thoughts keep going back to the role that this blog has played and continues to play in my life. To be quite honest, I've seriously considered discontinuing this blog altogether. Once upon a time, I had a plethora of time on my hands to contemplate the world around me and devise clever and witty commentaries meant to spawn some serious thinking in my readers' minds - whether they agreed with me or not. As a matter of fact, I would often take a controversial stance just to provoke people into more clearly defining what it was they actually believed regarding the issue. That was fun. I enjoyed it.

Then, of course, I figured out how to post pictures to my blog like my good brudda, Chill Daddy. Then my thoughts about my blog began to evolve a little more. It became a way of keeping family members updated on life's carryings-on. However, as life got more and more busy, I found I wasn't even doing that.

And so the question of my blog's future hangs in the balance.

I'm not writing everyday because I simply don't have time. Plus, if I take time from my busy life to write, I want it to have meaning and purpose - especially purpose - and I'm not sure I have a clearly defined purpose for writing at this time in my life other than just a certain vain fulfillment I get in putting my words out into the world which frankly doesn't qualify as meaningful. I still think that using my blog to post pictures to keep my family updated is a good idea, but blogger is not the best medium for posting pictures. There are other on-line services that do a much better job.

So, I'm in a quandry. And my blog-world silence speaks volumes about that quandry.


Trophy Wife said...

i don't update mine very often either but when i do, it is nice for family & friends to see new pics and remember that i say stupid stuff sometimes. :)

how is everything? if there is anything we can do, don't hesitate to ask.

DaveM said...

Look, you have a very good way of stringing words and sentences together so dont forasake that. As for keeping in touch with family and friends I would have thought phones, messenger and internet phone calls are a better way, rather than using the blog.
Keep the blog going, it will stimilate your intellectual ability, allowing you to make social comments on life, get anger out of your system...all of these things you do so well. But carry on communicating with you family as they are important but your blog comments will reach a far wider audience.

grandlar said...

I am not happy that you are not blogging but I understand that you are busy and I dont feel like you are being neglectful..however..please dont stop....its such a neat way to keep us all informed as to whats going on in our families lives..you never write letters, and you seldom call so this is the only way we that are miles apart can keep in touch with our loved ones...miss your blogs...

VirtualJunkDrawer said...

"Entrench" is such a good word. It's right up there with "draconian."

I hear what you're saying B. My blog started out as a way for me to get my funny thoughts out to the public. I enjoyed blogging and my readers enjoyed reading. It was mutually beneficial. But sometimes I'm just not in the mood to come up with something. And when you have such an excellent blog, readers get pretty demanding. All I hear is "be funny VJD, make me laugh VJD," and sometimes it gets to be too much. That's when my duty to the readers overshadows my duty to myself and I don't enjoy blogging. When that happens, you, the blog, and your readers suffer.

Then I just have to remember that I blog first for me and second for everyeone else.

VeeFlower said...

I would like to get on the "Keep blogging" bandwagon. The reason you are being nagged is because you promised us some awesome pictures and never put them on. Otherwise, we are content to wait for and enjoy your strange, controversial, but oh-so-well-put comments and thought trains. Better a rare Bunnyjo nugget than no nugget at all. If you are worried that being under so much pressure is going to have a negative effect on your ability to write, just post a pic or two or three to let us know you are still part of our world! Sooner or later you will have something more to say. Love, Mom

shortensweet said...

I hope you keep blogging and I dont mind the Chris watch. I like to know about him and it makes me feel good to know that you two love each other so much.
Just tell us more about the dumb, Home Depot type stuff that you do :)
And post some damn pictures!
P.S The first weekend in Sept. I'm busy..it's the 7 or 9th or something..I'm going to a concert.

R2K said...

: )

V J.D. said...

Well folks, it seems like that was BJ's send off. She hasn't even commented on our comments.

DaveM said...

So it's "Good bye Bunnyjo"

bunnyjo georg said...

Ah, the short-lived interest of the internet fan! So quick to write me off!

Trophy Wife: Pshaw, you never say stupid stuff. Almost. ;)

DaveM: Oh, yeah, writing and calling when I don't even have time to blog! Hellow! Thanks for saying you like the way I string together words. I like the way I string together words, too, although I have to admit my mental laziness often causes me to rely on cliche and colloquial turns of phrase rather than trying to think of something original. In case you haven't noticed!

Grandma: Thank you for saying you miss my blogs. This blog has been the best way to keep up with me and my life over the past year or so, so I know I need to be really careful about x-ing it out of my life.

VJD: Oooo...draconian! A bloody, rare-steak of a word! Yum! I've got the same blog blues you do...When I have stuff to say but there's always that nagging thing in the back of your mind as to whether it will quench the word-ravenous appetites of the blog-reading masses. Not to mention which, that sparsely-commented posting sends wafts of stinky rejection, eroding a writer's mind. Shudder!

Veeflower (mom): I would have been hurt had you not been on the "Keep on bloggin" bandwagon. :) Oh, I wish the day had more hours!

Shorty: Yeah, you don't mind the Chris-watch cuz you're waiting for that all-important announcement! A date! A date! Buy a dress! Make a bouquet! Eat some cake! Dance the jig! Oh, yeah, and....get me a present!

Alex: :) backatcha

VJD: And you had such good comments, too! ;)

DaveM: Not goodbye YET

VeeFlower said...

Yesss....that's our girl.

grandlar said...

At last ,,,I check every day and am so happy to see your blog....grandpa and I were recallijg how you use to wait for him to get up when you were a baby and feed you...you would hear him starting to make coffee and you would wiggle in your bassenet and then cry....every morning...we laughed about that....he didnt get a chance to go to work intill he had fed you your bottle. And he started feeding you baby food in the morning..thats when you and Ray and your mom lived with us after you all left Calif. and your dad was out of the picture. He said he would be so quiet and still you would awaken at the slightest sound and the bassenut would start to wiggle...lol....he loved to feed you....we may be foster parents to Cathys new baby...soon ...will keep you informed....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bunnyjo - I've loved getting to know you through your blog, but I totally understand the need to do other things after awhile. Since I've shut down my own blog I can't exactly say - "Hang in there and keep entertaining me! You have nothing else to do, right?!"

I've thrown my modest bits of writing into a group blog and tis a huge load off to know I can skip a whole week and not be missed too much. So, what am I saying? Um - I wish I knew you in person. We could go see a dollar movie together!
--Chai-rista formerly of Truly Bad Films

bunnyjo georg said...

Grandma: I can't exactly remember doing that since I was just a little baby, but I sure remember Grandpa and you talking about it! He'd hold out his huge hand and say, "You were so tiny, I could cradle you right in the palm of my hand." It made me feel so loved when he would say that!

Chai: Oh! I'm sorry to hear you are no longer blogging! I really enjoyed reading your blog and you always had such interesting things to say! Ah, but that daily pressure to have something interesting to say! I like the idea of a group blog where you don't feel the pressure to write everyday and you get the input of more people. Perhaps that is my next step!

I'd truly love to go see a dollar movie with you, but alas....other sides of the country. But that is the wonder of blogging and the enjoyment I got as I read your blog, especially your movie reviews, made me feel like I had just sat down and watched the movie with you or shared a good chat over coffee! Take care and I hope you enjoy your new group blog! Send me the link so I can keep tabs on you!

Anonymous said...

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