Friday, July 11, 2008

It's all so interesting....

I've been getting up later and later each morning, but I do take time to listen to the news while I apply the daily face-lift (foundation, eye get my drift). Anyway, I've been watching this cable news show - channel 59 if you live in GH! - where they mostly talk politics. Well, are we all getting more stupid and petty or is it that there just isn't enough excitement in the political campaigns!?! They just report on the most inane things.

Now, I know you have all heard the flag pin controversy. It is stupid to me that people are saying Barack isn't patriotic because he never wears a flag pin. Well, I'm sorry to say I've never wore a flag pin in my life and I never intend to. How many of those outraged people have worn a flag pin, much less a flag pin every day? Give me a break.

Here's one really good story, though. The Jesse Jackson thing. Oooo, that was naughty! He got caught on mike waiting to get interviewed on some cable news show saying things like "I wanna cut his nuts off" about Barack Obama. Damn! What the hell....Jesse is really getting himself in hot water there. I can just imagine some little intern in the control booth going, 'ooo, I gotta hit the record button and make a name for myself by releasing it to the mainstream media!' Chris says the whole problem with this country is the media and sometimes I agree with him, but when your dream is to be a reporter, you don't really want to agree with that.

Anyway, that Jesse. What a crack ho. But lo and behold, the political pundits on this particular show used it as an opportunity to begin talking about how the emergence of Barack on the national political scene marginalized Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson, too. That, my people, is why Bill acted like such a donkey's butt during his wife's campaign (not because he's uncouth or too cool to care). And Jesse Jackson's comments? Also provoked by being marginalized by Barack Obama. Come on, people! Get real. I admire Bill Clinton for a lot of reasons, but his lack of personal PR savvy is not one of them. And Jesse Jackson has never made my short list of people I'd want talking about me. He's such a tongue-wagging say-anything. Rather reactionary, like myself.

One interesting thing came out of all the pundit-ing going on in regard to the "marginalization" of the former big wigs in the Democratic Party - the realization that while Barack Obama has become the voice of the new generation Democrats, the Republicans have.....McCain. As it was pointed out by some guy they call Biscuit, Jesse Helms - if he were still alive - could be the "youth" voice for McCain. That McCain.....he's pretty dang old. Myself, if I were to run for President, I'd want to run young like Clinton and Kennedy. That way, I can retire and enjoy decades of philandering and globe-trotting on a nice, cushy government pension. Now, that sounds like fun. Except the philandering. Why, I'd never! I'd just take my honey with me and we'd roll like that.

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VeeFlower said...

McCain is a face I wouldn't mind looking at for a few years when I watch the news. Obama has bluish lips and besides, I find it so bizarre that we would be hunting one Obama in Afghanistan so he can be tracked down like a dog and killed, but thinking about electing a President Obama on U.S. soil. Call me trivial, I am just being honest. OOh, those pictures of McCain when he was younger, man, he was a hunk! It's just so hard to decide who to vote for. I guess I should start listening and paying attention to issues.