Thursday, November 20, 2008

Huh??? Explain this, please!

For a few days there it was looking like Congress was going to begrudgingly put up the money to keep the Big 3 afloat for a while and hopefully begin the turn-around to making the companies profitable again. But no. It doesn’t appear that there is willingness anymore, and what appears to be the big fat straw that broke the camel’s back is their individual luxury jet jaunts into DC for the hearings. That was just too much, Congress is saying. And the media. And stupid other people who are smart but who cares because I think that luxury jets are not the point.

Essentially what the Congress is saying is this: Big 3, we don’t need your tax revenue or GDP, we don’t need the subsequent small businesses that count on you for their livelihood, we don’t think the 3 million people working for you deserve their jobs, they just make too much money and have way-too-good benefits, so we think they are better off getting unemployment and finding another job, and we don’t need the technology that you might have created enabling green energy or alternative fuel vehicles or any other thing you might have contributed. And in fact, this is a great time to let you fail – right now when we are in our biggest financial crisis maybe ever.

Make no mistake, as ugly as financial bailout is, the fallout of the Big 3 failing will be far, far worse.

Listen, Congress, the Big 3 are asking for 3% of what you’ve wasted so far on companies that have no accountability and have nothing to show for it. Can’t you spare a little change for the sake of our nation, our future and to protect this country from the devastation of total auto industry meltdown? Just a little change!?!?


Big Plain V said...

How very persuasive. If only Congress read your blog.

bunnyjo georg said...

Well! I must say! MORNING JOE READS MY BLOG!!!!! I love Morning Joe (Joe Scarborough and gang) on MSNBC, and today they reiterated in outrage at Congress every single point I make here, and boy was I loving every minute of it! I am so angry about Congress' hypocritical attitude toward the Big 3 after their $130B bailout of AIG!!!!! I am going to start writing letters to Congressmen and women in other states this weekend telling them of my outrage and reprinting this blog post *for their edification*!!! Damn them!

Anonymous said...

That display on the hill was for show, they will give them the money in the end because eastern Michigan always elect democrates.

What has happened to the big three has more to do with government intervention than corporate jets and over compensated worker and former worker bees.
There are too many masters in the design department, uncle sucker needs to get out of auto design and engineering business. I am not happy with any of the bailouts, non of them have worked or made the slightest difference but there they are on the news "its a crisis....we have to act NOW or its goodbye USA!"

I think time will reveal the opportunistic bastards will get rich with only the american worker losing. know the bank that couldn't make it another day without our money..the one that was bailed out late on a Sunday night?...they very recently gobbled up a bunch of smaller banks in advance of a nice fat cash infusion of our money.

If this trend continues our finances, insurance and credit systems and even industry will be under some control by the government who is quickly becoming a vanilla version of the KGB, if the last two senate seats go to democrates we will have what amounts to a one party system from the president on down and no matter what you feel about dems or republicans its never been good when one party was in charge.

bunnyjo georg said...

Boy, do I agree - I am very concerned about what could be essentially a one-party Senate combined with a house majority of democrats and a democrat president....could spell trouble.

That Citibank - they make me sick. The gobbling up of those smaller banks was to ensure they'd get their big fat infusion of money without looking like THEY were the ones to blame for their financial disaster. Truth is, Citi was the biggest bank doing the credit swaps out there and has the most mortgage investments of any bank in the US - they were out there livin large and now they claimed they would fold on MOnday if money wasn't pushed through Sunday night. You know what I would like to see? Prosecution.

VeeFlower said...

When I get enough energy back to get mad about these subjects, I am going to be really mad! I mean it!

bunnyjo georg said...

Most Recent Anon Poster: What, you didn't want to put your name to that comment?

bunnyjo georg said...

Vee: Glad to see you are back on-line and are feeling a little less icky. Hopefully you'll feel up to being mad this weekend! ;)