Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's a new world today....

"On January 20, an African-American will begin leading a country that first
brought Africans to its shores as slaves and refused their descendants full
rights until well into the 20th century; a country that was still wondering
until the election results finally came in if race would doom his

There are many things to be said about the new world President Elect Barack Obama will usher in as the 44th President of the United States. However, everything - absolutely everything - takes on a deep, abiding gravitas because of the truth of the statement above. It is the starting point of understanding what this election means to America, and it is the starting point of understanding how deeply we crave change and unity and repudiation of the nightmare of 8 years of the Bush administration (not to mention the 6 years of a Republican Congress). We want to be seen in a new light; we want a new perspective on the challenges this nation faces; we want a new approach in everything. But at the core of all this angst and need and want on behalf of the United States lies an historical paradigm shift in the way we see our nation, and it is because we elected a black man from humble origins. And I don't know about all of you, but I felt the earth shift last night, and I don't ever think this world will be the same.

Quote by Jonathan Mann,, The New Face of the United States, 11/5/08


shortensweet said...

Last night when the election was 'called' I got goosebumps. I thought history was being made....I really should put some pants on.

Big Plain V said...

I'm wearing pants, but the thrill of the moment is kind of passing me by.

So bogged down in revisions, that I didn't even notice history.

(I did vote, though, and my guy won. My guy's always win.)

bunnyjo georg said...

Shorty: Goosebumps and no pants? Sure you were watching election results and not something else?

BPV: Yay for your revisions! Glad to hear you are bogged down in them. I know how much your teeth must be grinding over it, so just know I am cheering you on and deeply admire what you are doing!!!! Now get back to work!

VeeFlower said...

I was watching my Netflix dvd. Why watch the election, state by state, with commentators squirming in their chairs and milking every iota of news from the polling places to make cautious predictions...Obama was a shoe-in....McCain and Palin just made the election more interesting. However, it was so heartening to see the celebrations and the joy on people's faces. Even the commentator's voices were breaking with emotion. Things can't look up fast enough for me. And I can't wait to see what Obama does with our dear soldiers.

bunnyjo georg said...

Well, there are those of us who sit on the edge of our chairs waiting for the next intriguing idea proposed by all these pundits. I try to stay abreast of the facts and then listen to the pundits for a different viewpoint to help expand my thinking about an issue. So, for me, the election coverage was titillating. Except I fell asleep. For three hours right when all the mid-western states' results started pouring in, so in all actuality, I missed the best part of it all. But Chris nudged me awake at 11 when the Presidency was called for Obama. So that was nice. I agree, the celebration was inspiring to see; Americans weeping, hope springing alive on people's faces, all races and creeds celebrating an historic was a moment that will live in America's collective memory as one of our shining achievements. Yay!