Monday, April 25, 2005

For Your Edification

Hello, fans, and welcome to another day of glorious Laura-basking at I welcome you to come in, enjoy the glitter of my sparkling wit, the sheen of my keen intellect and the gentle breeze as my genius blows your hair back.

I have included on this web page a link to my (not quite) Daily List. Despite the recent controversy over certain references, I quite enjoy my Daily List. I do hope that you are benefiting from the listing of such important aspects of my being as what I am hearing, what I am thinking, and what I am reading. Several of you may garner some pointers that will "buck up your ideas" a bit.

I am implementing plans as we jointly peruse the workings of my fingertips on keys to expand the vision of my Daily List. I have included this week's It List (a must-read for any upwardly mobile persona) which highlights the best and worst elements of the Laura Experience in recent weeks. I trust you will find it informative, witty and oh-so-revealing about what it is that makes my life experience worth duplicating.

So...until we meet again over the wonderful workings of my mind...a bientot, ma copaines.

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