Friday, April 29, 2005

Soft Underbelly Exposed

I’m just sittin here.
sittin here with a kitten on my neck
wonderin what i will do with my life
and wonderin how old you have to be
to be too old to start over....
so i sit here, feelin soft kitten fur
as i run my chin along its back
and wonder if life is still around the corner
like it was ten years ago.

i remember feelin free;
invincible as youth always is
as i am sittin here.
sittin here with a kitten on my neck,
rememberin what it was like to be strong
as my innards tremble
like the kitten on my neck....
So fragile, so weak, so natural
not runnin, playin; still nursin.

some say that life is happenin
as i’m just sittin here
sittin here with a kitten on my neck.
but i say life is sittin here
and wonderin and feelin and rememberin...
sittin here with a kitten on my neck
touchin soft fur that comforts the part of me
wishin for answers and youth and peace....
just before i stand and put the kitten down.


DCveR said...

"Turn it up", Alan Parson's Project.
Maybe u are too young to remember this song, but that was the bell your poem rang for me.
Specially that bit of the lyrics about sitting on fences.
Sorry again.
Hope you are one of those persons that can write stuff that differs from what they really feel, or that the poem isn't yours.

bunnyjo georg said...

Ma copain, you have yet to see the many facets that encompass the charm that is Laura. This is merely a mile marker along the road that I have traversed. A mere snapshot representing a moment in time. I posted it because 1.) I was short on time, 2.) I wanted new fodder for my ever-hungry fans, and 3.) I was feeling wistful. C'est ca.