Thursday, January 19, 2006

Say What?

If you always think what you always thought, you'll always do what you always did and you'll always get what you always got and think what you always thought!

I don't know where the above quote came from, but me likey. It shall become my new mantra.

If I can remember it.


DCveR said...

Of course that also means that if somewhere along the way you got stuck agaisnt a tree, wall or pole you keep banging your head on it instead of going around! Why? Cuz that's what happens to people who never ever change their mind! :P
So, how do you like them apples now?

bunnyjo georg said...

I'm not sure I should take advice from a guy who's nerdier than 93% of the people on the planet.

wink :)

DCveR said...

Who said this was advice? This was a mere comment to a friend, not advice. Whenever I give advice I call it consultancy and charge for it! ;)

bunnyjo georg said...

In that case, comment away! :)

shortensweet said...

Huh? Now I wish I was more nerdier. (is that a word?)

bunnyjo georg said...

For you it is. :)