Friday, January 13, 2006

SNL’s Dirty Little Secret

So I was tuning into Saturday Night Live over my lunch the other day just to get a glimpse of my boyfriend (Jimmy Fallon loves me) doing the Weekend Update when – gag – I had to sit through a so-called live performance by Mrs. Kevin Federline, or as I like to call her, Lil Brit.

So, she is sashaying herself all around the stage lip synching to the song! I know this because like all bad lip synchers, she is over-emphasizing her mouth movements. It was just so obvious. And the pissy thing about it is….Lil Brit gets away with it, but Ashlee Simpson doesn’t. Wah!

I did dig her outfit, though. Black and white pinstripe pants with a black pinstripe corset over a white tank top. Gorgeous! I shall be wearing that the next time yoooou all see me!

(As opposed to my red bustier under my white dress shirt ensemble….)


shortensweet said... one has commented. Why? I like SNL just can't think of anything to say about the post, except for the end of it. You hussie wearing a red bustier under your white dress shirt for CHRISTMAS DINNER..HOOCH

Mom said...

I like some of the Brit's music. However, I cannot stand Ashlee Simpson. Ever since her sister made it big, it seems she has been jumping up and down on the sidelines yelling, "Hey, look at me! Look at me!" Honey, you need to see a movie called "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" if you think sisterhood is a claim to fame. Although it is probably the dad who is helping push her into the limelight. Promoting people like Ashlee seems to make a very cynical statement about the music industry...if you have the time and money and will you can make anyone a star...almost. Not since Milli Vanilli have I been so disgusted with the money-grubbing tactics of the music industry.

Im so angry, Im so at ease said...

Hehe, you should listen to Adam Greens song; "Jessica"... Ill post it tomorrow in case you haven't heard... It's really neat:)

Bonnie Blithe said...

I'm a little concerned about your wearing the pinstriped outfit...maybe it was cuter than it sounds?

Other than that: the only thing interesting about britbrit is her husband. It's like watching a train wreck.

bunnyjo georg said...

Shorty: Hoochie coochie coo

Mom: Agreed! It is an outrage that this talentless girl rides the coattails of her better-busted sister. She's everything rock-n-roll attempts to overthrow. The poser.

ISA, ISE: Where's that song? You must've had to you are forgiven. Just don't forget me again!

BONNIE: Yeah, it was cuter than it sounds, in a slightly slutty way. I love pinstripes, though. love-love-love Oh, and didja hear? Lil Brit's hubby's been caught cheating. With her mid-west house frou look going on, who can blame him?