Monday, January 07, 2008

Alien Head

Who would have ever thought that being a stay-at-home mom (even temporarily) would be such a challenge? For one thing, once you take up that task of being the "at home" person, you also suddenly become the only person cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, as everyone else is busy living life elsewhere. Sniff. But I'm not here to ring that bell.

My problem is one that few of you will appreciate. I simply have too much time on my hands. I know, I know. You hate me for even uttering the words. You who probably have a never-ending mental list of all the things you'd like to do or need to do if you ever got the time. But remember....this blog is not about you. So, back to me.

Yes, I have too much time on my hands. At first, I took up knitting because I could do that while turning a half-tuned ear and eye to the TV. Now every family member is sporting a scarf and hat duo with several more promised but not delivered. Alas, I have become disenchanted with knitting. Poor me.

Another hobby I've undertaken is sporadic hair cutting. I've been carving at my bangs for the last couple weeks or so, and they still fail to display the correct angle across my forehead. The bastards. As I'm sure you are already thinking, 'Surely that couldn't take up much time.' You would be correct.

Ray challenged me to write a novel, and since we finally replaced our computer, I started out with gusto and hilarity. My heroine is also a woman in search of a good hobby and often obtains hilarious results from her awkward attempts. It's a great seed of a story, but I moved on to about three books to read and forgot all about her. Strange, I know, but there's a story behind it. What happened is I needed to do two kinds of research right off the bat: dog grooming and stand up comedy. The dog grooming books were boring and the comedy book was hilarious, morphing to "hey, let's do some research and go to comedy night at Jacks." Goodbye, novel writing. But don't despair. I'll get back to it sooner or later.

A related hobby to the hair cutting has been alternating hair ratting and combing out tangles. The hair ratting often results in what I like to refer to as "alien head," especially in combination with a pony tail. For some visual assistance, channel Robin Mead on the Headline News morning show. Or just look to the right. But those tangles.....that's a whole other story.

Ok, I have two friends; Napolean and Josephine. They are often with me, although Napolean tends to visit with more frequency that Josephine. These two love-birds are the two columnar snarls that errupt nightly and daily, extending from my tender nape-of-neck to the ends of my hair. Luckily, I can brush over the surface and usually no one is the wiser. But, the compulsion to share the wonder that are my nape-snarls compels me to shout, "Chris, look at this one!" each time my wandering fingers alight upon a new abberation. And then I pout and whimper for ten minutes while I make laconic attempts to detangle. Here is a picture of Josephine who lives on the right side of my head.

Yes, this is what my life has evolved to. Me thinks I need a new hobby.

So.....I'm blogging again and I've been doing some on-line research (revised my ENTIRE Netflix queue) and I'm contemplating learning "Friend of the Devil" on the guitar (since I did print out the tabs) and I'm even going to take down my Christmas tree today. Oh, and I've been applying for jobs everyday. Blah blah blah!

Wouldn't you love to have my problems?

Oh, and here's a picture of the woman who almost fired me for writing a phone message on a post-it note. My audacity exceeds all reasonable tolerance!!!! But she likes me. She told Chris that if we hadn't worked together, we would have been great friends. She still hugs me at the block parties and sundry get-togethers. With friends like these....



shortensweet said...

ya know, the hair tangles could be a thyroid issue. I know it sounds fake, but it is one of the symptoms.

Then again, it could be because you have your head layed against the back of the couch or chair all day.. :)

bunnyjo georg said...

Yes, I do need to rest my head often. Perhaps that accounts for the presence of Napolean and Josephine.

Actually, this problem rears its ugly head when I grow my hair out. A good haircut and I won't be seeing the lovely pair for a couple months at least!

Chilldaddy said...

OMG! The famous post-it hating boss! Wow... she even looks like a tot*l-upp*ty-b*tch-ph*ny.

Tell me this picture is taken at a McDonald's 'Play-Place'.

Jamie said...

OMG Chilldaddy? Did you really say OMG? that's it..I knew that pirate costume was telling us something......

bunnyjo georg said...

Yeah,Chill. Particularly those stripey pants...ooooo, shiney.

Melissa said...

wow, I guess you are alive. good to know.

glad that with all the free time on your hands you've found a few moments to slip an email or make a quick call to your "friend".

of course, tangles and knitting are far more important.

bunnyjo georg said...

Melissa, you should know me well enough to read between the lines. I like to take a humorous approach to discussing what is actually a difficult time in my life. I got your Christmas card and wasn't sure how I wanted to respond. The question of whether or not I communicate does not relate only to you - withdrawing from people - all people - is something that I struggle with, as you know. Luckily, I think that over the last couple of months I have been able to come to some important conclusions about my life. It is not a surprise to say that I do not function well in society. I am finding answers and getting help. But instead of posting about all of that, I chose to make a humorous post about what it is like to be without purpose and meaning in life. I know that is something that doesn't happen to you. You are bold, determined, ambitious and assertive and that helps you stay on a course and path in life. I know that you have your struggles, too. But it just so happens that this is my struggle, what makes me less of a person. And it is something that I am finally going to get help for.

shortensweet said...

I'd rather hear about knitting and hair snarles than what you were going thru a few weeks ago.
You change and grow..people should understand that.
I'm proud of you sis, you're on the right path. I haven't seen you this happy....well, ever.
Love ya!

shortensweet said...

I didn't mean weeks, I meant how time flies..

bunnyjo georg said...

Well, I don't want to lay bare my personal struggles on my blog. Instead, I just like to sort of make fun of what I'm going through. I know Melissa's feelings are hurt because she is intensely loyal and wouldn't think of withdrawing from others, and it is hard for her to understand why I am the way I am. Well, it's probably hard for everyone to understand. I am pretty anti-social unless I'm in a good I'm sure you have noticed!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. So that is where I got my anti-socialness! From you! Oh dang, I forgot, it's not about me, it's about YOU :) Well, you probably overthink things at times, but you got that from me. Dang! I forgot, it's about YOU....LOL (Mom) P.S. Welcome back!!