Monday, January 28, 2008

Not nearly done with the favorites.....

Course you'd like to think that I'm going to run out of pictures any time now. Well, think again! Here come some more favorites!

We LOVE Halloween at our house and here we are again, doing our best to scare the pants off the poor little tikes Molly and Kendall across the street. Boooo-ey pumpkins! Mine is that awesome one at Emily's feet. C'est moi!

We had a BLAST on Halloween night. We invited everyone over here to trick or treat and had a house full of ghouls and goblins - and their kids in great costumes! Watch out, or Paige is going to kill you with her magic wand! The blonde next to Grace is her friend Molly, and just so you know, Grace's costume was the absolute bomb. She was a punk witch and my mom made her costume from scratch (along with Emily's medieval princess costume). I did all the can send your congratulations on my excellent artistry in the comments below. :)

Here are all the girls again on the night we put up Christmas decorations this year. I gave you a close up so you could see all of their bright, shining faces instead of another shot of the living room, which is basically the same setup as last year. The girls were a little spoiled this year with each of them getting mp3 media players, and Britt with a handful of gift cards - her favorite! Jewelry was the close second this year with all the girls. We needn't be surprised!


Annie101 said...

Brandie looks really beautiful even when she was nearly as gross as me.

Chilldaddy said...

Halloween was great - your hood ain't bad - they give out decent goods.