Monday, January 28, 2008

More favorites

Here are Brooke and Paige at the Easter Egg Hunt last year at Ray and Cindy's house. It was really funny because the older kids picked up certain colored eggs, all of which contained - not candy - but chores! In order to get out of the chores, the kids had to successfully complete a number of challenges. One of the challenges was they had to take a test (multiple choice)! Brandie got the most points on the test because she put "poop" as her answer every time it appeared. And apparently, poop was a popular correct answer! Ray would know, though, because he's the one who made up the test. Just tells you a little something about him, doesn't it?

Grace was in a play last year, "The Emporer's New Clothes." It was really funny and clever and here she is with her two friends, Samantha and Lauren. Grace's part was the mother of Lauren, who played Peter, the golden-tongued tailor who sold the king a bill of goods. Grace had been in hot competition for the lead female position, that of queen, but it was given to Jamie Hoogeboom just because her dad was a pro football player and is a local hero because he was on "Survivor" (he lost!). Anyway, the director wrote in a part for Grace because he thought she was so good. Ok, ok....sour grapes!
These pictures are from Grace's graduation from 5th grade into middle school. Here she is with her friend, Samantha. Unfortunately, this year Samantha has been trying to get into (ugh!) Jamie Hoogeboom's group of friends and has sort of left her old friends behind. Middle school, anyone? Grace hasn't minded too much since she's made a lot of new friends this year. But Samantha was a good friend to her last year, and as soon as she realizes things aren't always greener with the "popular" kids, she'll be back. Or so I think.

There's that man of mine! He's mugging with his new polarized sun glasses as he heads out for fishing. Don't ask me what he did to his arm....that man is constantly hurting himself (usually working). Although....we can't forget the hook incident last summer. I came home from work and Grace ran out of the house, "Did you hear? Chris is at the hospital!" I nearly fainted. Apparently his friend Brooks (!) had stuck him really well with a big nasty bait lure right in his knuckle, right in his bone. But this cast I think is from when he did something to his tendons working on the....lawn mower? I love that man of mine!

Here they are, almost all grown up! Could there be anything as momentous as the first day of middle school? The girls were jittery, but judging by how they are doing, middle school is the best thing that ever happened to them. My, how times have changed, huh? Here is a picture of Emily on her first day of school this year, too. She has thrived this year, mostly because she can enjoy herself without worrying about Grace, and what she might say about it. Luckily for us, all three girls get along extremely well (except for that ever-present sibling rivalry between Grace and Emily.) Oh, in case you didn't know, Grace is going by Anna this year at schoool. Now that she's all grown up, you know! ;)

And this year has also brought.....the Buc Blaster! This is what they call the middle school dances here in "Buc" territory. Here are some pics from some really giggly girls before embarking! The first pic includes Kaylie, Brandie's friend. The second pic is of Grace and her friend, Sandra. You can read all about their adventures on Grace's blog!

Here is how Emily felt about not going to the Buc Blaster. That kid kills me!


Annie101 said...

I like these pictures better except for my backstabing social climber of a "best friend". Yes these pictures are great!

shortensweet said...

I like pictures of little brats...espcecially pictures of chris :)

Chilldaddy said...

Some sample questions from the big Easter quiz:

The end product of the gastrointestinal tract is: (poop)

To defacate means to: (poop)

Ray's favorite food is: (tacos - not poop)

VeeFlower said...

OMG, Thank YOU for giving me so many pictures to steal from! Your camera takes great pictures, plus you have "THE EYE" for a good shot...make sure you burn them all to cd or dvd! These are just too precious.

bunnyjo georg said...

Ray: How about this one? "The favorite punch line for the kids' jokes?" Ans: poop! Or ass-paragus. They are so bad.

Mom: When Fritz said he saved all the pictures from our blogs on your hard drive, I decided I really had to get these pictures published. That way, if our computer crashes again, someone will have them. Our laptop doesn't burn CDs; we have to buy a burner, but that's AFTER all the wedding stuff! So for now at least I know you've got pictures of the kids you love!

HUBBYMAN said...