Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow Head

So, Emily comes inside from playing outside with our neighbor Brian. I was busy cutting up veggies for tacos, and Emily asked if she could help. Sure, I said. I slid the cutting board over and let her go at it. That was when I first got a good look at her.

Emily sat there happily cutting up the tomato, and perched atop her cute little head is a pile of snow. Yes! A pile of snow! As she had only been in the house a couple mintues, it hadn't started to melt yet, and she couldn't feel it. I immediately began to laugh uproariously and told her to hold still and don't move a muscle. I ran and grabbed the camera and snapped these two cute pictures of my lil darlin. At the point where I took the picture, she still did not know she had a pile of snow on her head. When she saw the pictures I took, she started laughing really hard and ran over to the sink and brushed it off. What a kid!


VeeFlower said...

LOL! That's our Emily....never a dull moment with her around! I would really like to hear how she got snow PACKED into her hair! I be there is a good story behind it. (MMMMM-tacos!)

bunnyjo georg said...

Well, the story goes that her and Brian were playing Indians and they had dug "really cute" snow dens that were supposed to be log cabins. Apparently the snow got there from all that digging!

And the tacos were great, I have to say. We don't have them often because ironically, Brandie doesn't like Mexican food, but she was at her mom's last night so we feasted!

shortensweet said...

She sure is something else. I wish I could have seen her laughing. I love it when she laughs really hard, it's so cute.

At least her hair got some water on it.

HUBBYMAN said...