Monday, January 21, 2008

Gotta Prob.

Couldn't stand the vapid blogger profile photo I was using. The tilted head, the blank stare, the puffy lips. Just couldn't stand seeing it next to my comments. I tried taking a couple quick pics to just have something within reason and came up with what can only be described as hag-a-dithica. Putrid, really.

So, you will have to deal with the eyes because a picture does not exist at this time that I can stand. And that's all I can say!

Here's a quick pic
I snapped of Grace as she was trying to escape into her bedroom. With her big model smile. :)


shortensweet said...

she looks like a teenager, I can't stand it!
Make her stop!

pixiegirl10 said...

Well, Aunt Jamie, she is not a teenager yet!

pixiegirl10 said...

Mom typed the one above me just to log me in and I totally disagree fromwhat Mom wrote Grace may look like a model but inside she's still a 2 year old to me.

Anonymous said...

Shoot! I ment from what not fromwhat! WHAAAA!!!sniff,sniff

VeeFlower said...

Sorry pixiegirl but your big sis does look older than her age!
And Bunnyjo, I have a couple pictures of you that I think are really nice you could put on your blog. I will put them on my blog tomorrow when I have my contacts in.