Thursday, January 24, 2008

Room with a View

Here are some of the views we've been enjoying with the recent snowfall. Chris took the outside pics since I couldn't bring myself to brave the elements. I know the pics of our back deck aren't all that interesting, but I couldn't get over how high the snow was piled on the railing. This was actually taken a couple days ago, and we've accumulated another 6" or so. Enjoy!


VeeFlower said...

You have to admit it's pretty snow. Not that heavy, clumpy stuff that makes the streets look muddy. It's so white and fluffy. I can't even complain.

bunnyjo georg said...

In order to really appreciate these pictures, you have to click on them so you can see them large. Otherwise the details are pretty obscure.

I'm really proud of Chris for that close up of the tree branches. Well framed, I'd say, for a novice. :)

shortensweet said...

These are great pictures.

I also think it's very sweet that Chris braved the snow (and I'm sure there wasn't a cigerette involved) to get some pretty pics for you.