Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Strange Days

I spied on my neighbor this morning (10x optical super-zoom, hellow!). He is the barely discernable blur in front of the headlight beam. This is what he was doing - shoveling a little walkway for his beloveds in case they had to step toe outside the house. Doesn't look like fun, does it? And on his way to work, too. My across-the-street neighbor was snow blowing at 5:41 this morning. Hmph! I can't be too mad, though. His wife Kristen leaves very early for her daily Grand Rapids commute. And poor Chris? He was trying to get the frozen door unstuck on the car. Hm...shoulda parked in the garage, n'est ce pas? The views below demonstrate the extent to which I am willing to brave the elements to bring you late breaking views of the wintry weather. The amount of snow on the front porch - and my door! - attest to the blizzard-y conditions!


shortensweet said...

it is horrible, rotten cold freezing nasty Michigan.
I love it.

I was coming back from Moms last night, and the snow was so drifted over the roads, I could hardly get thru them. Pretty sad considering we live like a mile apart.

Great pics, I wish your neighbors would come and dig me out :)

bunnyjo georg said...

Yeah, these pics do a good job of conveying the feeling of a wintry blast. Trust me, I was thinking of you guys going back and forth to work in all this bad stuff. I'm glad to hear you got through the deep stuff ok. But I can't help wondering....why would a short person buy a short car? Hm?@?!?

VeeFlower said...

When I see those porch-sittin' chairs all filled with snow it puts a chill down my spine! And the open door....brrrr! I still like the winter, but I'm not saying it's all good.

bunnyjo georg said...

Well, we didn't get the 12" that was forecast for us last night, we only got about 3". But Eric was out there with his snow blower regardless. All the men in this neighborhood compete for the best lawn, cleanest driveway etc, and apprently Eric has his eye on the prize this week! The good thing, though, is that school wasn't closed, and Chris wasn't frozen out of the car. Now, as for those porch-sittin chairs....I look longingly at them and think of my beautiful spring mornings with my hot delicious coffee and great conversation with Chris, and I don't want to shiver, I want to cry! I can't wait for spring...!!!!