Monday, February 20, 2006


Ok, peeps, I've said some crazy things on this blog. There's even stuff I go back and read and go, "Whoa! What was I thinking!?!"

Thing is, I WAS thinking and at the moment I posted it, it represented a truth or something I thought was funny. At that moment. Alas.....that's where my personality quirks come in.

See, I'm 95% a good, solid, nice human being. And I'm 5% naughty. So, I'll be going along and writing a perfectly nice post about something and then go and throw a naughty comment in like posting slutty pictures to my blog. Now, in my brain somehow it fit in (in a rather perverse way). I do think some of my pictures have been rather come-hither, but could be described as slutty, if you're wanting to be risque, which I sometimes want to be. But only because I'm so thoroughly nice and solid and good.

See, it all works together to create intrigue, so keep reading! And expect to be (occassionally) shocked.

C'est moi, Bunnyjo!


Anonymous said...

where are the slutty pictures? Havent seen any! Love your posts so keep it up.

bunnyjo georg said...

Exactly. Where are the slutty pics? But I have to say, I've regretted some of the stuff I've put up here and then taken it down. That does happen occassionally and as a result, the slutty pictures are nowhere to be seen.

shortensweet said...

I think your percentages are wrong..and that's all I"m going to say.

DCveR said...

Honey, you'll have to try harder to shock me.
And talking about the slutty pics... would you mind posting them again?
Cuz either we have different definitions of slutty or I definitely missed them.

Now that I think about it, I'll better censor all the shots I've taken of my wife, bet most of them are slutty by those standards, specially the ones in night dresses, in parties and weddings. It's a pity though, she usually looks rather foxy.

Chill Daddy said...

I avoided your blog for the two point eight hours those pictures were up.

I wanted to exclaim, "YOUR BROTHER READS THIS BLOG!"

bunnyjo georg said...

Shorty: So YOU say. I think my percentages are pretty right on. I didn't mention the bitch factor, after all. ;0

DCvR: If you read Chill's post, you'll know there were a couple pics that sneaked onto here that shouldn't have been there.

Chill: I know! That's why I'm trying to be good and at least take the bad stuff down when I realize it. ;)

DCveR said...

Sorry, hadn't read it...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Shocked? Living in the Caribbean? :-D

I was wondering what pics. you were talking about, 'cause I didn't see them either.

Im so angry, Im so at ease said...

Hehe, from your mail and from the post it seems you are only having a stroke of cold feet:P Well, you've got to learn the pure balance with; Keep or just cheat and delete; difficult choices in he blogosphere:)