Sunday, February 05, 2006

For the fun of it

There's just something about seeing happy kids having fun that takes the pall off the long, dreary winter days, n'est ce pas? Ah, the dog days of summer when trickling sweat on the back of your neck hearkens not drudgery but the excitement that only running in the sprinkler, licking ice cream on the boardwalk, body surfing the waves, chasing through the dunes on a bright summer evening before roasting weenies over a bonfire can evoke.

To be a child again, when summer means play, not taxes and high air conditioning bills. sigh.

This is one of the last good memories in our house before we moved. It is unlikely that they will find themselves running through the sprinklers at our apartment as our "yard" consists of two 6' x 8' half-dirt rectangles bisected by a concrete sidewalk nuzzled right up to the rather busy street we live on. However, considering we live within walking distance of the library, Central Park, the waterfront pier, the beach, the boardwalk, the YMCA etc we really can't complain.

So, here's to a great summer! Oh, the adrenaline's just a-buzz!


Melissa said...

these are some great shots, Laur. you should think about scrapbooking some of these so they can look back on them and remember the good days of childhood when they are older and are worrying about taxes and high air conditioning bills.

Mom said...

Yes, those pictures sure do get the spring fever lickin' at your psyche. No heavy, cumbersome outdoor clothes. No soiled wet floors with the rank smell of drying gloves on the radiator. You can finally clean those spots on your car floor where liquid spilled, froze, and collected lint and gum wrappers. No more stuffing little feet with damp wrinkled socks into dank boots with collapsing liners. You don't have to look out your windshield with bushels of snowflakes coming at you that make you feel as if you are suspended in space, wondering if the next sight you might see is the broadside of a tanker that jack-knifed just ahead of you on the slick freeway. I'm ready for the sound of waves, and seagulls screeching as they fight over the McDonald's fries scattered to the wind. And the shouts of happy children running through the sprinkler. Thanks for reminding us.

Anonymous said...

gosh V you sure do make it sound wonderful, your daughter takes after you with her words of sights and remember grandparents from afar visit in the left that

shortensweet said...

Great pictures. Gotta think of these pictures when they are fighting, and pulling each others hair. Think of them wet and smelling like summer :)
Except for the last need to spank that little butt

the Dad. said...

I love seeing pictures of the girls (my kind of blog), post more.

That one of Emily kills me -- and I'm glad no rude commenters pointed out the unfortunate birth defect with her eyes.

Chill Daddy said...

I know this isn't a caption contest, but I thought of some anyhow.

(for the four pictures, top to bottom, as viewed in the blog)

#1 - "Almighty goddess of lawn watering, we invoke thy power..."

#2 - Grace auditions for Willem DaFoe's part in 'Platoon'

#3 - Watching grass grow (I was a little weak on this one cuz I wanted it to be non-butt-related)

#4 - Hey Emily, do an impression of your mom.

bunnyjo georg said...

Mel: Yes, I should scrapbook some of them because I lost a ton of precious, precious pictures when my computer died. I had a friend who made dupes of all her pics and created photo albums for each one of her children. Oh, but that was super-mom. I'm not quite there. :)

Mom: You shouldn't think about jack-knifing trucks when going down the road. It'll make you tense up and slide into the ditch. Instead, think about flowers and hearts and butterfly happy thoughts.

Gram: The girls remember you visiting because it is their favorite time of summer! They love it when you come to stay and can't wait to see you again!

Shorty: My children don't fight. You must be thinking of the other Veen children. Ha!

the Dad: I know this is your favorite kinda post, but you do it so much better than I do. I'm kinda lame.

Chill: You think you're funny, doncha? Just for that....

Pic #1: Emily: "This is what Uncy Ray does when he's trying to dance and look cool."
Grace: "I can't even bring myself to look."

Pic #2: "Hey, everyone, this is what I saw Uncy Ray doing when someone offered him a hotdog."

Pic #3: "Quick, Grace, help me move this so Uncy Ray will trip when he runs through the sprinkler."

Pic #4: "And I saw Uncy Ray making lovey-dovey faces at Aunt Cindy. Look, mom, this is what he was doing."

DCveR said...

Get your butt moving and start printing photos for those scrapbooks lady!!!
In a couple of years you'll see it really was worth it and it doesn't take a super-mom to do that, just some office supplies.

Bonnie Blithe said...

I close all of the curtains and put on my "wilderness thunderstorm" cd when I need some summer...

MOm said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, yes, the great-grandparents come in the summer which is so great, even their best friends come, too! :)