Thursday, February 23, 2006

For my grandma

I thought I'd post a few more pictures for my grandma. Sheesh, the way I'm going, I should get myself a "Happy Mommy" website just to post family pics! ;)

Here we are, the happy family! We were playing around with the camera to see if we could get a pic with all three of our heads in it. I think Grace is holding the camera in this pic. It is the least bad pic of the lot! But we almost giggled ourselves to death doing it, so who cares. :)

My little diva. I wonder who she takes after? This pic was taken after she quietly primped herself into school mode one morning. I was getting irritated with her extended bathroom time, but was really pleased with the results. She's such a girly girl!

We had seen this funny commercial where this guy had his hand stuffed in his mouth. It was a hoot! So I told Emily to do it, and I'd take her picture. Always up for a challenge, of course she complied! If you look closely, you can see a little tear in her eye. Perhaps it isn't too comfortable to stuff your hand in your mouth, do you think?

I keep this photo on my desk at work. Not only is an excellent specimen of photography (if I say so myself), but she looks so darn cute!

I have to include this picture of my little bowling queen. She hardly looks strong enough to lift a ball, but she amazingly rolled an 87! Her score would have been higher as her first roll was a strike, but unfortunately her mother (sigh) didn't know how to work the scoring stuff and I accidentally deleted her score. Her arm became tired toward the end of her game and instead of getting spares she was rolling 6's or 7's. Even still, she did amazingly well for such a little thing, and I am really proud of her!


bunnyjo georg said...

I'm sorry...I CAN NOT get the spacing right and it keeps getting messed up and not aligning on the left! I don't care. It's up there, so look at it and enjoy. There. Done.


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful to me. I am so enjoying your blogs and hope you know that its been a joy to turn on my computer. Thank you so much. Hugs to the girls ...

shortensweet said...

awww..cute kids. It totally bums me out that I can take NO credit for how cute they are...hmpff

Chill Daddy said...

Photo 1: "Okay guys, straighten up and let's take a decent picture - pretend it's for Uncy Ray"

Photo 2: "Mom, I'm finally ready to go to Uncy Ray's house."

Photo 3: "Sorry for swallowing your keys, Uncy Ray, lemme just grab them back fer ya..."

Photo 4: "Hey look, I can see Uncy Ray's house from here."

Photo 5: "I need Uncy Ray to give me bowling lessons."

bunnyjo georg said...

Photo 1: and Emily replies, "I'll bet he never found out it was MY sucker that got stuck to the seat of his pants!"

Photo 2: "And if Ian doesn't like it, I'll just go and like Chance!" (not Chantze, Chance!)

Photo 3: "And then Uncy Ray took a bite and it was like this..."

Photo 4: "Ta-daaa! First I was on the ground, now I'm on the monkey bars!"

Photo 5: "Oops, I dropped my ball! But I did it exactly how Uncy Ray showed me!"

DCveR said...

You really have the right to me a proud mom!

bunnyjo georg said..., shucks. :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

You're blessed, Bunnyjo, just plain blessed! What lovely children, and they look happy. That means you're a good mum.

shortensweet said...

When Emmado was here yesterday I had her shove her fist in her mouth..and she wouldn't take it out.
She must get that from her Dad's side of the family.