Thursday, February 02, 2006

Strike Two

Can lightening strike in the same place twice? Can a person die to self more than once? Can you be born again - again? Can a person be tagged twice in as many days? The conundrums are endless.... But, to answer at least one of those questions, I must admit, I've been tagged again! How am I to resist? Despite the corniness of it, I do feel somewhat flattered – someone wants to know things about me! Flutter flutter. Here are the all-important answers to questions you all have been dying to ask! (Love-love-love)

my four favorite books/authors:
Middlemarch by George Elliott
Confederacy of Dunces by forgot his damn name but he (posthumously) won a Pulitzer for it!
Cabbages and Kings by O. Henry
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (one of the best books ever written)

four hobbies/things I've been into:
Playing the harmonica
Editing and writing in a newspaper (award winning!)
Once upon a time...physical fitness i.e. rollerblading and teaching aerobics
Photography (but not nearly as good as hat's off to him!)

four things I wish I could get done:
Get my car cleaned out (I have Buffalo Wild Wings bones in my car from NOVEMBER – eeek!)
The girls bedroom cleaned and organized
My bills paid off
Getting my ass out of bed in the morning to exercise....ugh!

four people who've inspired me:
(people I admire)
The formerly fat finalists from the Biggest Loser
Anyone who has overcome serious hardship to improve their life – now that's inspiring!
(people who inspire me to want to be a better person)
Grace and Emily (because they need me to be)

I promise tomorrow I will write something that is actually interesting. Promise.


shortensweet said...

This is interesting
How are you feeling?

bunnyjo georg said...

Awwwww, someone loves me :)

I am feeling a ton better because now the oxygen is actually getting to my lungs. Amazing how much that can affect how you feel....BUT I have this to say and it's gross:
The albuterol inhaler the Dr gave me to treat the wheezing from the pneumonia gives me the jitters. So, I go to Wendy's for lunch because I felt crazy-hungry and got a hamburger and french fries. It tasted soooo good after two weeks of eating very little that I nearly inhaled the ENTIRE MEAL and within 20 minutes my stomach started gurgling. I actually had to make myself go and throw it up. That's what I get for making a piggy-wig of myself!

Anonymous said...

Now I can good to hear that you are feeling better...was worried about you honey...thank god....enjoy your

mom said...

Yes, now try to stay off the sick list. And about your is depressing that there is an O. Henry story I haven't read since his work is the inspiration for a story I once got published...brag...your literary choices become you, as does your inspirational people list.

bunnyjo georg said...

The O. Henry is a way out of print book, I think I got my 1928 edition at an antique store. It is a witty little satirical whodunit set in a banana republic with its gratuitous revolutions and threads of interwoven stories with the myriad twists and turns that O. Henry is famous for. You can borrow it if you want. Oh, and I accidentally left The Confederacy of Dunces in your van when you took me to the Dr. It's also good reading, so...

Mom said...

O. Henry out of print...what is this world coming to? Although his short stories are always to be found in anthologies. (The Gift of the Magi, etc.) I will start with borrowing your copy and when I get done I may read the Confederacy, however, my literary tastes do not include politics so maybe not!:) And by the way, do you remember getting breathing treatments when Emily was born? I remember how shaky you got from them.

bunnyjo georg said...

Oh, Confederacy is NOT a political book. It is a funny commentary on the inanity of life, quite satirical, but not political. Although Ignatius J. Reilly does attempt a coup or two! :) Just give it two'll be in love!